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About this Forum

Postby merias » Sat Jan 30, 2016 7:33 pm

I’m Doug, a 40-something guy who grew up gaming with the old classics – mainly Holmes Basic and AD&D 1e. The Old-School Renaissance got me back into gaming online and with my family. I’m Merias on a few other forums, and I have an OSR blog, http://smolderingwizard.com.

Why did I create this forum, you ask?

I've been lamenting the loss of the official Swords & Wizardry forums for a while now. I got back into gaming after many years away in 2009, with my kids, then 6 and 9. The first edition of the White Box rules, some dice and the original monster book (pictured here in the site logo, I still have both) were all we needed. In 2012 I wanted to get more into the OSR community, but by then the S&W forum was already locked down and in decline, and so I went to the Goblinoid Games' forums (where I still play regularly). Within a year or so the official forum was all but dead, most people having moved to G+. I was there, too, for a time, but G+ never sat right with me. I wrote about it in detail on my blog, but basically I felt the community was just not up to the task of having substantive discussions or running PbP games. I still feel that way. Lately the G+ group, which I drop in on from time-to-time, seems mostly to be advertising. I see very few PbP games for S&W, which is a shame. The game that got me back into this hobby really needed a central place for discussion and PbP games, away from G+, I thought. Hence this forum. I'm a Linux sysadmin by day (and often by night), so hopefully I can keep this running to everyone's satisfaction. Welcome!
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