Return to the Known Lands – Session #32 - of Knights and Golems

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Return to the Known Lands – Session #32 - of Knights and Golems

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Frakus (Dwarf FM 1)
Osan (Elf F/MU 3/1)
Omes (Half FM 3)

Marnes (Cleric 3)

Arvay (wagon driver)
Samtik (linkboy/porter)
Toetag (FM 0)
Turmyr (FM 0)

Session Date: 9/11/21

Session Notes:

The party, now well-rested, returned to the dungeon on the hill. Their entrance was hampered by a small problem – a tent atop the hill guarded by two men and two Ogres. The men demanded a toll of 10 gold coins each to enter the dungeon, to which Osan replied with a charm spell cast against the largest Ogre. He succeeded, and managed to talk the party into the dungeon with the charmed Ogre (named Buck) in tow.

They returned to a room they had seen before but not explored fully, with three large animal statues and a pool of water. Buck pulled on the horns of one of the statues – a Minotaur – and opened a secret door behind it, where the party could see stairs heading down into darkness. They descended, following a darkened corridor east into a crypt, complete with dozens of holes in the walls, all filled with bones and some with a glint of treasure.

It was too good to be true, however, as the crypt was guarded by a bone golem that animated as the party entered. In the ensuing melee, Buck and Omes were seriously wounded, but the party managed to destroy the golem. They searched the crypts and were able to find a dozen pieces of jewelry.

Exploring further, they guessed they were in a small sub-level that had just three rooms, one that looked like it may have been quarters for a crypt-keeper, the other a body preparation room. In the latter Osan discovered a secret door, behind which was a small room with a silver plate on the floor with the numeral "2" engraved on it. They decided not to risk stepping on the plate just yet, and went back up to the pool room. There, Omes and Buck decided to bathe in the pool, which fortunately had healing properties, but also made them each feel a bit clumsier (Ref. note – both were healed fully but had a permanent loss of 1 DEX point).

The party then headed north, to an arena they had seen before, with a knight in plate armor named Henner who demanded single combat with the party’s best warrior (Ref. note – the party ignored Henner in the last session). Osan suggested to Buck that he could easily kill Henner, and he agreed. However, Buck was killed by Henner in melee, and afterwards Henner disintegrated, along with his sword.

The party decided to head back to Larm with their jewels and did so without any more encounters.

LL Notes:

Had someone in the party defeated Henner, he still would have disintegrated, however his magical sword would have remained.

Charmed Ogres are the pinnacle of low-level spell-casting, and can be a great boon to the party when handled correctly. The players were a bit disappointed they did not get more use from Buck, but he did help defeat the bone golem, which would have been a tough fight otherwise.

At this point the party had gathered quite a bit of loot from the dungeon, so they decided to store it with the trading bureau in Larm. I ruled that they would have to pay for guards at the trading bureau, as the Trademaster Gian was uneasy with storing the equivalent of several thousand gold coins.

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