Return to the Known Lands - Session #37 - a Quick Delve

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Return to the Known Lands - Session #37 - a Quick Delve

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From ... ick-delve/

Frakus (Dwarf FM 3)
Osan (Elf F/MU 4/2)
Omes (Half FM 4)
Arro (MU 3)

Marnes (Cleric 4)
Toetag (FM 1)
Turmyr (FM 1)
Burdar (Dw FM 1)

Arvay (wagon driver)
Samtik (linkboy/porter)

Session Date: 1/29/22

Session Notes:

The party had started to accumulate a lot of treasure, and was being charged 100gp per week to store it in the trading bureau, where this covered the cost of 24×7 guards. The proprietor agreed to forego the 5% withdrawal penalty, given the expense.

Meanwhile, copper-pinching Frakus purchased an old warehouse just south of the tavern in Larm, vowing to hide his gold under the floorboards. He spent 1,500gp on the purchase and renovation, but he felt the purchase was worth it if he did not have to pay for someone else to store his riches.

After a few days of rest, the party returned to the dungeon on Arro’s Hill. As they approached, they saw several men descending the entry stairs at the top of the hill, one of them with a sack over his shoulder. By the time they arrived at the entrance however, the men were gone and the party was unable to locate their tracks.

The party decided to ignore the men for now, and headed to the stairs down to level two. The first room they explored was full of stone rubble, and had a vaulted ceiling. As they poked through the rubble, two rhagodessa dropped from the ceiling and attacked! Turmyr was killed in the ensuing melee, but Frakus gained a suit of +1 plate armor he found buried in the rubble.

The next room they explored was home to a cursed idol which put Frakas in a trance – all he could do was stand in front of it and feed gold into the idol’s mouth. It seemed to have an insatiable appetite for gold coins. Osan was able to drag Frakas clear of the room and with minimal loss of gold after a good whack on the head knocked him out.

Next was a room with a similar idol statue, but it was trapped and poor Omes had two arrows shot into to his chest before a large gem could be recovered from the idol’s forehead.

The party decided to try and revive Turmyr, but the healing pool on level one was no longer working. So they returned to town with the body.

LL Notes:

My idea for the healing pool was that it was only ever supposed to heal lost hit points or cure disease, not resurrect characters, which is why it did not work on Turmyr. However, I was inconsistent with my rulings in that in session #35, Osan was killed by the Basilisk on level two and I allowed him to be resurrected. I don’t remember why I did allow that – perhaps I was feeling generous that day.

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