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Swords & Wizardry Appreciation Day 2016

Sun Apr 17, 2016 6:06 pm

Today is the day - April 17th. You can see an index of all the blog posts and content at RJ Thompson's blog:

http://www.gamersandgrognards.blogspot. ... -2016.html

Re: Swords & Wizardry Appreciation Day 2016

Tue Apr 19, 2016 1:27 am

It was good to see Matt Finch on the 'Drink Spin Run' live stream. Bard's Gate confirmed for 2016! Would have liked to have heard of more surprises on the way, but 2015 was so huge, I can't complain.

Does anyone remember the talk of a board/card game a few years back? I wonder what became of that... :?
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