White Box:FMAG, looking for errors

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White Box:FMAG, looking for errors

Postby The Wanderer » Sat Sep 08, 2018 8:05 pm

Hi Folks,
I would like to update the rules to fix any known errors. If you got ‘em, post them here.

There is a free 7 day trial for Indesign that I will take advantage of so I can update the rules. So I I’ll wait awhile to collect as many issues as possible and then update it. Thanks!
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Re: White Box:FMAG, looking for errors

Postby merias » Sun Sep 23, 2018 12:39 pm

Putting my other post here, to keep them in one place:

merias wrote:Charlie here are a few errata from the April 2017 second printing, for if you plan on publishing a new edition. I think the only real one is the treasure table, the others could be seen as just a re-interpretation of the rules for legal reasons. But they make sense as compared to the original rules.

p. 62: Sleep spell - the text says that the spell affects from 1-6 creatures of 3 to 4+1 HD, but the table is missing a row - it should affect 1-6 creatures of 3 HD and 1 creature of 4 or 4+1 HD. At least that more closely matches the description from OD&D.
p. 97: Iron golem - Should do more damage than the stone golem, maybe 3d6 is good? These are from the Greyhawk supplement, so the damage used there doesn't translate well (stone golems do 3d8 and iron golems 4d10 damage in that supplement).
p. 105: Ogre/Ogre mage - Ogres do 1d6+2 damage in OD&D (instead of the 1d6+1 listed).
pp. 116-117: Treasure tables - Anywhere it says 'roll 1d6 on the X table' or 'roll 1d6+something on the X table' the die used should be 1d8 instead, since the roll is to a d20 table and the max roll of 1d6+12 only goes up to 18. But even at 1d6+0, a 1d8+0 makes more sense on those tables (kenmeister first noticed this in the WB 3rd printing here: http://odd74.proboards.com/thread/9699/whitebox-errata).
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