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Sub Classes Updated

Postby jcftao » Thu Apr 13, 2017 3:41 am


I'm thinking of tinkering with the following sub-tables for characters. Let me know if this would be an enjoyable addition or not.
I would allow players to choose their subclass instead of rolling.

The following tables came from Dyson Logos and can be found here...

Cleric Subclasses
    Paladin – Can wield weapons with sharp and pointy bits
    Heretic – At each spell level replace one cleric spell with a spell from the same level magic user spell
    Elementalist – Can also turn elementals as undead
    Dragon-Priest – Can Tell and Dominate dragons, drakes, wyverns and other associated creatures (and potentially kobolds) as an evil cleric controls undead.
    Dervish – Can frenzy in battle 1/day: +2 AC, +1 to hit and damage
    Divine Light – Turn undead at +2 levels
    Healer – +1 hp / die on all healing spells
    Priest – +2 caster levels, cannot wear armour, can only wield clubs, staves and daggers.
    Focused +10% to XP

Fighter Subclasses
    Hunter – Can track in the wilderness
    Swashbuckler – +1 AC in chain or lighter armour
    Hulk – +2 melee damage, -1 initiative
    Berserker – Can frenzy in battle 1/day: +2 to hit and damage
    Archer – +1 to hit and damage with bows
    Militia – +1 to hit and damage with crossbows and polearms
    Marine – +1 AC in leather armour, +1 to hit and damage with club and cutlass
    Horseman – +1 to hit and damage from horseback, good judge of horseflesh (roll mount hit points twice, take the better)
    Pit Fighter – Can treat off-hand weapon as a shield
    Sentinel – -1 chance to be surprised
    Focused +10% to XP

Thief Subclasses
    Bounty Hunter – +1 to hit and damage against his own race
    Dungeoneer – +1 in 6 chance to detect traps
    Butcher – Increase backstab multiplier by 1
    Scout – +1 initiative, +1 in 6 to hear noise
    Fence – +2 on reaction rolls to buy and sell goods
    Guild Thief – +1 in 6 to open locks and pick pockets
    Knife Artist – +1 to hit and damage with daggers
    Outcast – -1 on reaction checks, +1 weapon damage
    Arcanist – Cast magic user spells as a magic user of 1/3 level. Cannot wear armor.
    Focused +10% to XP

Magic User Subclasses
Sensitive – Detect magic by touch
Savant – Identify magic items – takes 1 hour and 100 sp
Scribe – Can copy a scroll for 1/2 the normal cost & time to make one.
Alchemist – Can make a copy of a potion for 1/2 the normal cost & time to make one.
Seer – Cast Augury 1/day per 3 levels
Witch-Hunter – +2 on saves versus spells
Two-Fisted Sorcerer – Can cast two spells in one round 1/day
God-Touched – At each spell level replace one magic user spell with a spell from the same level cleric spell list.
Guardmage – Can wear leather armor
Focused +10% to XP
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