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Jcftao's Whitebox Campaign
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Re: Chapter 7 -- In Search of a Book Seller

Sun Aug 19, 2018 4:59 pm

Milton swings his sword at milky. I do, I think.

Re: Chapter 7 -- In Search of a Book Seller

Wed Aug 29, 2018 1:18 am

Milton and Tarmo move past the effigy to attack the black robed priest.

The effigy reaches a desiccated claw at Tarmo but only scratches his leather armor!

Tarmo chops at the black robed priest....1! His swing goes wild and so does his handaxe...flies past the priest and clunks on a wall!

Milton stabs at the priest with his rapier....a hit! But only a graze to his arm! [2 pts dmg]

Thorhall hefts his greataxe over his head to chop down on the creature...miss! The creature's limbs block the blow.

Initiative...PCs 3, enemy 3 simultaneous.

Thorhalls swings once more but the effigy fixes its unholy gaze upon him!

Thorhall stands slack jawed...his axe drops from his hands...and the effigy slashes out with its claws...2 pts to Thorhall!

Milton, Balthar, and Tarmo chop at the priest as the priest tries to touch Milton with his bare hand!

All three of the PCs miss their target and ol' Milky Eye also misses! But his spell is still charged!

Initiative PCs 4, enemy 3!

Balthar strikes out at the effigy in a show of support for the dazed Thorhall....17! a hit! 3 points of damage to the effigy. It turns to face Balthar.

Milton and Tarmo attack Milky Eye...2 and 4...both miss. Milky Eye reaches out to touch....Tarmo...9 a miss! Whew!

The effigy attacks Balthar but misses!

Initiative...PCs 6, enemy 5

Balthar hits the effigy for 2 more points! Tarmo and Milton miss again!

Milky Eye touches Tarmo...Tarmo feels a dark energy course through his body...cause light wounds spell...5 points of damage!

Tarmo screams in pain and falls to the ground. [I rolled on the Table of Death, houserule, for Tarmo and he made a successful check! Instead of dying, he is knocked to the ground and has 1 hp remaining. He may still act next round.]

The effigy attacks Balthar....19! a hit! The claws rend Balthar for 5 damage.


Current status...
Balthar AC15, HP 2/7
Milton AC13, HP 6/6
Tarmo AC12, HP 1/6
Thorhall AC14, HP 8/8 Mesmerized by the Creature!

Re: Chapter 7 -- In Search of a Book Seller

Wed Aug 29, 2018 12:07 pm

Milton tries to poke Milky-eye in his eye!

Re: Chapter 7 -- In Search of a Book Seller

Wed Aug 29, 2018 12:52 pm

"Argh!" Tarmo collapses in pain, but struggles to his feet and takes another swing at the priest's head!

Re: Chapter 7 -- In Search of a Book Seller

Fri Aug 31, 2018 3:22 am

Initiative PCs=4, enemy=1

Milton stabs frantically at the looming form of the black robed priest!

His blade finds nothing but air as the evil priest steps aside!

Tarmo struggles to his feet, but missing his axe, instead grabs his dagger.

Miss! The priest seems safe for now! He strikes out at Milton with a black oak cudgel....1! Critical miss and the clubs sails into the air!

The evil effigy turns its gaze to Balthar...it's eyes blaze with an unholy fire!

Balthar goes limp and slack jawed. The creature swings with its vicious claws...a hit!
He staggers and stumbles to the floor! [Rolling on the Table of Death....broken bones....Balthar's ribs are cut and broken....]
Balthar has broken ribs [-1 to all actions until healed] and has been reduced to 1 hit point but is still mesmerized!

Initiative PCs=2, enemy=2 Tie!

Milton lunges with his rapier and Tarmo stabs with his dagger. At the same time, the priest tries to make an all out defense [add +2 to AC] and calls out to the effigy for aid!

Both Milton and Tarmo miss!

The creature turns to attack...Tarmo! Miss!

Initiative PCs=6, enemy=4

Milton and Tarmo try to finish off the cleric....Tarmo misses...but Milton scores a critical hit...20!

Milton does 7 more points of damage! The cleric falls to the floor gasping for his last breath.

The creature is still animated, instilled by the power of the evil god, Heimos. It uses its evil gaze once again and attacks...Tarmo!

Tarmo locks eyes with the creature but somehow manages to slip from its controlling power!

The effigy strikes at Tarmo but misses!

Initiative PCs=6, Effigy=6 Tie!

Milton and Tarmo try again to strike down the creature. The effigy does not use its gaze this round but swipes at Tarmo!

Tarmo....20! Milton....20! Both men hit the creature with critical blows....Tarmo does 6 points of damage and Milton 10 points!

The creature hits Milton at the same moment....17! a hit! Its claw racks Milton for 2 points of damage.

The creature falls to the ground and Milton and Tarmo feel a heaviness inside their heads...it increases quickly and then is gone!

The effigy blackens and smolders and turns to ash.

Thorhall and Balthar rub their eyes and shake their heads...they are coming out of the spell.

The party has barely survived the battle!


Current status...
Balthar AC15, HP 1/7
Milton AC13, HP 4/6
Tarmo AC12, HP 1/6
Thorhall AC14, HP 6/8

Re: Chapter 7 -- In Search of a Book Seller

Fri Aug 31, 2018 5:56 am

Tarmo breathes a sigh of relief. "Well that was close! I think we need to get out of this place, as quickly as possible," he says.

He binds his own and Thorhall's wounds, then searches the bodies of the priests.

Re: Chapter 7 -- In Search of a Book Seller

Fri Aug 31, 2018 10:02 am

Milton nods his froggie head in agreement. He searches the room for treasure and maybe a quick way out.

Re: Chapter 7 -- In Search of a Book Seller

Tue Sep 04, 2018 3:54 am

All of the brave adventurers stop for a few moments to catch their breath and bind wounds.

Balthar gets back 2 hp, Milton gets back 2 hp, Tarmo gets back 3 hp, and Thorhall gets 2 hp.

Current status...
Balthar AC15, HP 3/7
Milton AC13, HP 6/6
Tarmo AC12, HP 4/6
Thorhall AC14, HP 8/8

You look about the room. Several dead cultists and the dead "Milky Eyed" priest lie on the cold stone floor. The effigy is naught but ashes now. The priest has a small belt pouch with 4 gp, 18 sp, and 2 small gems (worth 50 sp each perhaps). He also has a silver unholy symbol of Heimos. It is cold to the touch and makes you a little ill holding it.

The other cultists have nothing but wooden unholy symbols around their necks.

A leather bound tome lies near the priest. It has a strange script that you cannot decipher...even the wizardry talents of Milton do not yield a clue.

To the west is a heavy wooden door and to the south is another. A loud thumping can be heard from the western door.


Re: Chapter 7 -- In Search of a Book Seller

Tue Sep 04, 2018 12:45 pm

Tarmo opens the western door.

Re: Chapter 7 -- In Search of a Book Seller

Sat Oct 20, 2018 7:18 pm

Tumbling out of the western door is a ragged and worn figure of a man. He falls in front of Tarmo and gasps for breath. Looking around the room, his eyes widen and he croaks, "You've killed him! My good fortune! Please help me...my name is Valen Goodfellow."
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