Important People and Locations

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Important People and Locations

Postby jcftao » Mon Feb 15, 2016 2:00 am

Important Personages
Sir Miles Wickersham--Lord of Castle/Town of Wickersham
Erlander--elven wizard, castle wizard in Wickersham, crippled and blinded by an accident during God Fall
Claire, hospital matron in Wickersham, follower of Theos
Sir Langley, Knight, 2nd in command at Wickersham, has left on a mission to the SW.

Townsfolk of Wickersham
Worley of Wickersham--Tanner, middle aged
Erlene, maid in the town meeting hall, makes best herbal tea

Persons Rescued by the Company
Peter and Belle (siblings) rescued from an evil hill giant

Places Visited
Ulfstead ~ village burnt to the ground, located just east of Wickersham
Harkbone ~ small village until recently controlled by Lord Dunsley's men. 44 villagers were rescued and re+settled in Wickersham

Lord Dunsley's Manor ~ fortified base of operations for Lord Dunsley and his men. Unknown strength of forces present at this time.
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