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House Rules

Postby merias » Tue Feb 16, 2016 5:48 pm

Character creation

* Use the latest White Box rules (PDF link)

By-the-book, with these changes:

* Max hit points at first level
* Fighters get a +1 BHB at first level
* Keep encumbrance simple, as per the rules, assume your 'standard' equipment weighs 10 lbs., to this add any armor and weapon weight and any coins at 10 per pound
* Fighters only get +1 to-hit and damage (melee or hand-hurled weapons) for a STR of 15+, all classes get -1 to-hit/dmg for STR of 6-, and +/- 20lbs carry capacity for the same values.
* A DEX of 13 or higher gives anyone +1 to-hit with missile weapons, 8 or less is -1 to-hit.
* Spell-casters get an adjustment of +/- 1 to the target's saving throw vs. spells, when it applies, for INT (magic-users) or WIS (clerics) of 15+ or 6-
* Holmes scroll rules - M-Us and Clerics can create scrolls of spells they know for 100gp per spell level and 1 week's labor
* M-Us begin play with a spell book containing all 1st level spells. Anything else must be found or bought. Clerics do not have spellbooks, they just pray for spells each day.
* Dwarves can see in the dark up to 60 feet, assuming no other light source brighter than moonlight is nearby.
* All players speak common. Clerics also speak their alignment language (law or chaos), which is more of a limited language used for religious ceremony. Other languages as per the rules, including the additional language for every point of INT above 10. I'll get a list you can choose from if needed.
* Halflings of average or higher intelligence (9+) can speak Gnome and Elvish.


* Bind wounds: Any character can bind wounds of another after a combat. This cures 1d4 HP, but can only be done once per day per PC.
* 0 HP is unconscious, death at -level HP unless another player binds wounds immediately after combat.
* MUs can use the dagger or staff as a weapon.
* Halflings and Dwarves cannot use two-handed swords or polearms.
* Elves get +1 to-hit with any pulled bow
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Postby merias » Tue Feb 16, 2016 5:52 pm

A bit about the game itself - I'll typically check in here every day, but I don't expect you to do so, every other weekday is a more reasonable posting rate (but of course, more often is fine). If you are going to be offline for more than a few days, please let me know, either in the OOC thread or via PM. I'll be doing all of the die rolls, so you'll just be responsible for telling me your character's actions. It is hard to keep track of what happened before in PbP games, just due to how slow the game moves, but I'll try to help that by using the greyarea-patented post info block (TM):

Hit points and marching order

Gerhard 7/7
Dolgrim 7/7
Fenwick 6/6 <charm person>
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