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Wouter's White Box Game
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Chapter 4: Back in the village

Tue Jul 26, 2016 8:17 pm

It’s close to supper time when the party enters the village of Jodcar. The people are returning to their families after a day of working on the fields or in one of the nearby towns.

Only a handful of people actually have their business in Jodcar itself, to wit:

  • Giles and Miriam Scheepers, who run the ‘Hunter's Moon’ and whom you’ve both met before
  • Hajdar Dvorak, a diligent dwarven blacksmith who is known far and wide for his outstanding craftsmanship
  • Randoul Behner, a swindling merchant who is willing to take just about anything off your hands as long as there’s a quick buck in it for him
  • Alwinus Aubert, a tailor who used to be the royal supplier of undergarments when he was younger, and still proud of that fact
  • Clement Dehert, a skilled leatherworker who specializes in saddles
  • Aetion Vonck, Jodcar’s baker, butcher, and grocer in one, selling all kinds of foodstuff

Their shops tend to stay open during the evenings, allowing the Jodacar villagers to purchase goods after they finish their work elsewhere. The party has just arrived at the village square, trying to make up their rassoodocks what to do with the evening...

On the first level of Kal-Dokk’s lair, you acquired:

  • 80 gold pieces
  • 400 silver pieces
  • Traveler's clothes from the hidden room
  • An alembic and a beaker from the destroyed laboratory
  • A bright sapphire from the sage statue

Furthermore, you gained some Experience Points:

  • Dahl Kolla: 800 XP
  • Memphisto: 838 XP
  • Lisglen the Sage: 838 XP
  • Van Illundra: 583 XP

Note I’ve already taken into account everyone’s XP bonus. Sorry Holger, no XP for you just yet :)

Re: Chapter 4: Back in the village

Fri Jul 29, 2016 9:06 pm

Memphisto would like to propose outfitting the fighters in our group with the best armor and weapons. Perhaps buying some additional oil and maybe a decent lantern and new rope.

Sell the traveler's clothes
Keep the lab equipment
Get the gem appraised

What do you fellows think we should do?

Re: Chapter 4: Back in the village

Mon Aug 01, 2016 12:04 pm

OOC: Sorry for delay / RL interruptions making it harder to concentrate on some details. That may continue through this week.

Dahl is happy with his equipment, will spend what it takes to replace torches used, etc. He is fine with donating some of his share to other fighters in the party who could use it to improve armor, etc. though he would like to see the party continue to not be weighed down too much.

Re: Chapter 4: Back in the village

Tue Aug 02, 2016 8:37 pm

Albin and Finnur respectfully decline the offer to replace their leather armor for chain mail or better at Hajdar Dvorak’s: ”Metal armor will slow us down too much. Our leathers allow us to move freely and still carry quite a load without being encumbered.” Albin will however gladly exchange his short bow for an elegant yet powerful long bow for an extra 20 gold pieces and Finnur is happy to trade his short sword for a hand axe and a dagger at no additional cost.

The traveler’s clothes the party found in the secret space beyond the mosaics room in Kall-Dokk’s lair don’t turn out to be very valuable: Randoul Behner is willing to pay only 2 gold pieces, no more. The sapphire he won’t even look at for too long. ”Where did you get that?” he sneers, ”I’m sure it’s worth a pretty penny, but stolen gemstones are supposed to bring ill fortune...”

The party restocks on rations and torches at Aetion Vonck’s for a handful of gold pieces, and they decide to hit the Hunter’s Moon for a decent meal and a good night’s rest, sharing their stories of what they found down in Kal-Dokk’s lair with innkeeper Giles. He is willing to trade their silver pieces for gold pieces, so that you may travel more lightly the next day. And so night falls, and all retire to their chambers to rest well for the next day.

All, but Memphisto. He sits at the desk in his room to prepare his spell of sleep for the next day, but as soon as he starts concentrating on memorizing it a sharp, loud humming sound, increasing in volume, starts occupying his brain. It becomes so loud that he cannot further study his spellbook, and he angrily slams it shut. The humming stops, but when he opens his spellbook again to resume his studies, it swells back into his head. Frustrated, he gives up and tries to get some sleep. The humming persists, albeit less loudly, and he sleeps only very lightly. The next morning, Memphisto feels terrible due to the lack of sleep and his mind remains void of any spell...

The party meets for breakfast in the common room of the Hunter’s Moon. Miriam serves hot porridge and fresh juice. ”You look like you’ve seen better days, hon’.” She winks at Memphisto, ”Had a rough night, eh?”

Re: Chapter 4: Back in the village

Wed Aug 03, 2016 2:15 am

Memphisto looks glumly at Miriam, "Madam, I appear to be broken in some way an I know not how to fix it."

He will sit in silent contemplation, worrying that his scroll is useless as well.

Memphisto will get up and speak with the inn keeper. He wishes to inquire if any spellcasters live in the town. If so, he will seek their counsel.

****A curious thought comes to him. Perhaps the mysterious gem is the source of all his troubles. Memphisto will ask Dahl to hold on to the gem for safekeeping and also explain the malady he is experiencing. He will ask for one more night of rest before the party continues. This will give him a chance to test his hypothesis.

Re: Chapter 4: Back in the village

Wed Aug 03, 2016 9:57 pm

"An interesting thought, that it may be some sort of cursed gem. I will hold on to it for safekeeping, my friend. And I do hope your preparations go much better tonight!"

Re: Chapter 4: Back in the village

Fri Aug 05, 2016 7:58 am

Giles slowly shakes his head at Memphisto's enquiry: "You are the first magic-user to visit this village in a long while, my friend." Dahl takes the gem from Memphisto, but that night the same - albeit it less severe - happens as the night before: a sharp humming penetrates Memphisto's brain and disturbs him in his studies. He does however catch a little sleep, yet his dreams are plagued by the same image over and over: a bearded sage, dressed in robes and holding a staff, a maiden standing at his side, beckons Memphisto: "Give it back..." Dahl, though him being the one holding on to the crystal, notices nothing unusual during that night.

The next morning Memphisto feels more or less rested, but he still did not succeed in memorizing a spell.

Re: Chapter 4: Back in the village

Mon Aug 08, 2016 11:40 pm

Dahl is disappointed to hear that the Memphisto was unable to memorize a spell. But he suggests that the party return to the ruins and search the lower level before too much more time goes by.

Re: Chapter 4: Back in the village

Tue Aug 09, 2016 3:56 am

Memphisto is saddened by the cursed gem. "Alas, this gem is not meant to be ours. I shall return it before the sun sets this day!"

He is ready as he can possibly be to return to the pit.

Re: Chapter 4: Back in the village

Tue Aug 09, 2016 12:38 pm

Lisglen is happy to return to the dungeon, or stay here in the village to advertise the advantages to follow the True Light...
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