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Re: Chapter 5: Delving deeper

Tue Sep 27, 2016 7:41 pm

Memphisto kneels down to tend Dahl’s wounds while Holger and Finnur look after Freda and Albin, respectively. Albin, feeling much better after being taken care for, lights a fresh torch. He and Freda then lead the way out of the dungeon...

The adventurers carefully pass the mosaics room, shielding their eyes from the patterns on the walls, and safely make their way back south past the four way, up the stairs. They turn two corners before they move up the last set of stairs leading up to the trap door. Holger and Finnur firmly put their shoulders against it and everyone squints their eyes as the door cracks open and the bright light of day penetrates the dark, damp stairwell. All are relieved to make it outside and breathe fresh air again. Judging from the height of the sun, it must be maybe an hour or two past midday.

Memphisto: bind wounds... Dahl recovers 1d4 = 3 hp
Holger: bind wounds... Freda recovers 1d4 = 2 hp
Finnur: bind wounds... Albin recovers 1d4 = 2 hp

#  Name               HP  Status
1  Dahl Kolla        4/7
2  Memphisto         6/6
3  Lisglen the Sage  6/6
4  Van Illundra      7/7
5  Holger            7/7
6  Freda Briarfoot   7/8
7  Albin             5/7
8  Finnur            7/7

Re: Chapter 5: Delving deeper

Wed Sep 28, 2016 3:26 am

Memphisto breathes in the fresh air, "Dahl, my friend, I think the first round is on you!"

Re: Chapter 5: Delving deeper

Wed Sep 28, 2016 1:20 pm

"Gents, let's head back to the inn and recover there. We will need to prepare our coming back here to face these dreadful creatures. I suggest we do not waste time along the way!" says Lisglen, before starting to walk with his staff, setting the pace.

Re: Chapter 5: Delving deeper

Thu Sep 29, 2016 11:35 am

Dahl breathes a sigh of relief and lets out a heartfelt laugh at Memphisto’s suggestion. “I do believe that is the least I can do for such good friends.” Then, Dahl, too, picks up his pace falling in line behind Lisglen. “I look forward to rest and more rest to recover from these wounds.”

Re: Chapter 5: Delving deeper

Fri Sep 30, 2016 11:48 am

Let's move on to Chapter 6: Jodcar revisited.
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