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Rogues Gallery

Postby Tamerlaine » Sun Aug 28, 2016 3:52 am

Character sheets will be posted here.
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Re: Rogues Gallery

Postby sexyhamster » Sun Aug 28, 2016 9:41 pm


.~-= Gormlaith =-~.

Class & Levels : Fighter 1st
Race : Human
Alignment : Neutral
Experience Points : 0
XP Bonus :
Hit Dice : 1d6+1
Hit Points : 8/8
Armour Class : 7
Base Hit Bonus : +1

Saving Throw : 14

STR : 15 +1 To Hit/Damage
INT : 9
WIS : 11
DEX : 12
CON : 15 +1 to HP
CHA : 8


Memorized Spells

Tall and muscular, her frame and features are a blend of both feminine and masculine traits. Her skin is fair and marred by clan tattoos and scars and her face is hard-boned. Keeps her ash-blonde hair cropped close, somewhat spiky on top. At times she will apply blue warpaint on her face as is the custom her her people.

Sword, Two-Handed +2 to hit/1d6+2 dam
Leather Armor
Flint & Steel
Rations, Trail x 5 days
rope 50’ hemp
Sack, Small x 3
Torches x 6

(52 lbs for base move)

11 gp
0 sp
0 cp

Gormlaith is the daughter of Caul Tenways, a Named man verily feared among the barbarians of the cold Northlands. It was during a shift in power that found her father murdered and her clan disenfranchised by the new king. As she was the daughter of a Named man and a warrior herself, Gormlaith has the sacred duty of avenging her father’d death. In exile with a price on her head, she travels the lands of the south as a mercenary and adventurer, awaiting the right moment when she can return and challenge the murderer of her father.
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Re: Rogues Gallery

Postby Wouter » Mon Aug 29, 2016 6:34 am


.~-= Yilmaz the Old =-~.

Class & Levels : Level 1 Magic-User
Race : Human
Alignment : Neutral
Experience Points : 585 (next level: 2,500)
XP Bonus : +0%
Hit Dice : 1
Hit Points : 6 / 6
Armour Class : 9 [10]
Base Hit Bonus : +0

Saving Throw : 15 (+2 vs spells)

STR : 3 (-1 to-hit, -1 damage, -20 lbs. carry capacity)
INT : 12
WIS : 8
DEX : 9
CON : 7
CHA : 4 (1 hireling max., -2 loyalty)

The Common Tongue

Memorized Spells

Clad in musty grey-brown robes and leaning heavily on his crooked hazel staff, Yilmaz the Old shambles from village to village with his trusted mule Freulox. His skin is weathered and tanned by the sun, his white beard unkempt and scruffy. His greasy white hair hangs in strands to his shoulders and to cover the bald spot on top of his head he usually wears a traditional, floppy wizard's hat with a wide brim.

Staff (1d6)
Dagger (1d6-1)
Backpack, containing:
  • Bedroll
  • Belladonna, bunch
  • Garlic (1 lbs.)
  • Potion of healing
  • Rations, dried (5 days)
  • Rope (50 ft.), silk
  • Vial of holy water
  • Waterskin
  • Wolfsbane, bunch
  • Spellbook (containing all first level spells)
(22 lbs for base move 12)

gp 6
sp 30
cp 0

Nobody knows how old Yilmaz is exactly. Including him. He's been traveling these lands for as long as he can remember. More to come soon...

Name : Asil Chander
Class or profession : Syce
Cost : 2 gp per week
HP : 6 / 6
AC : 9 [10]
Armor : none
Weapon : none
Other equipment :
  • Oil (lamp), 5 pints
  • Rations, dried (5 days)
  • Sack (30 lbs. capacity)
  • Waterskin

Name : Freulox
Other equipment :
  • 4 Sacks (30 lbs. capacity each)
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Re: Rogues Gallery

Postby Eris » Wed Aug 31, 2016 5:47 am

Brother Loren Goodfellow


Class/Level: Cleric 1
XP: 583/1500

Race: Human
Alignment: Lawful

Hit Dice: 1d6
Saving Throw: 15 (+2 poison/paralysis)

Armor Class: 13 (or 6 descending)
...Chain (+2)
...Shield (+1)

Weapon: Mace (1d6)

Str: 12
Int: 11
Wis: 14
Dex: 9
Con: 14
Cha: 10

Languages: Common, (Options?)

Spells: 0

Wealth: 10 gp

Backpack (30lb)
Flint & Steel
Torches (6)
Rations, Trail x 5
Rope, hemp (50ft)
Sack (15lb)
Spikes (12)
Stakes (12)
Razor, shaving (?)
Wooden Holy Symbol

Brother Loren Goodfellow is an acolyte of the great god of light Sol. His mission is to advance the causes of light and justice and push back darkness and evil wherever he finds it. Some acolytes do his mostly by preaching to the masses or doing good works in hospitals, but others like Loren take a more active role in pushing back the darkness, often by bashing in the head of some slavering monster or returning undead monstrosities to their proper state. Of course, Loren hopes to serve his god well enough to someday be rewarded with a church and congregation of his own, but that will be many years down the road...if he lives that long. For now, his goal, his mission from his god, is just "go out and do good in the world."

Loren is dressed in brown robes over his chain mail. On most days his bald head, which he shaves ever morning just before his prayers, is covered by his robe cowl. He wears his mace tucked into his rope belt and has his shield and backpack slung over his shoulders. On his feet are heavy boots of brown leather laced half way up his calf, they are hidden by his robes unless he sits down.

Loren is young...only 20...and still somewhat naive, optimistic about life and his mission. He usually has a smile on his face and will often be found humming a marching hymn as he strides along.
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Brother Loren Cleric-1 XP: 583/1500
HP: 6/6 AC: 6 Saving Throw: 15 (+2 poison/paralysis)
HD: 1+1
Weapons: Mace (1d6) & Shield (+1)
Gold: 10
Spells: NA
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Re: Rogues Gallery

Postby klarkash-ton » Sun Oct 09, 2016 5:56 am

...picture coming when I find one!

.~-= Deccon Stormfall =-~.

Class & Levels : Fighter 1
Race : Human
Alignment : Neutral
Experience Points : 583 / 2500
XP Bonus : +5%
Hit Dice : 1+1
Hit Points : 7/7
Armour Class : 4/5
Base Hit Bonus : +1

Saving Throw :14 (+2 to death and poison)

STR : 16
INT : 9
WIS : 11
DEX : 14
CON : 13
CHA : 7

Languages: Common

Memorized Spells

Tall and rangy with shoulder-length, greasy black hair. He is perpetually unshaven and his breeches, cloak, and armour are mud spattered and battle-worn.
The lower half of his face is badly pock-marked and he sometimes conceals it beneath a piece of black sackcloth which he ties behind his head like a bandit.

Chain mail
dagger x2
light x-bow
30 bolts
bolt case
dried rations (5 days)
50' hemp rope
12 iron spikes
flint & steel
6 torches
1 bedroll

(Total lbs for base move) 95 / Base MV 9

gp 8
sp 880

After seeing one too many friends die in a conflict that seemed endless, Deccon deserted from the army of Baron ___ with a group of similarly disillusioned comrades. Driven to banditry, the group soon began preying on the local populace until Deccon decided that he was made of better stuff, and snuck off into the night with nought but what he could carry and fit in his pack.
Deccon now wanders the valley of Odenrung in search of better things and an escape from a place seeded with bad memories.
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