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Tamerlaine's White Box Game
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Chapter 3

Wed Jan 25, 2017 7:15 am

The King's Rest - Wodbury

This takes place the evening after Gormlaith has left.

It is evening and the inn has become a lively place despite a sudden storm of wind and rain outside. A hunter had brought in a rather large deer so the place is smelling of roast venison and ale is plentiful. The door to the main entrance creaks open and a cloaked and hooded figure of small stature steps across the threshold. A thick hand pulls back the hood, revealing a bald dome, a pair of dark eyes peering out from under thick flinty brows, and a great red beard plaited into thick braids and decorated with gleaming copper bands. It is clear that this is a dwarf.

He ignores the looks cast his way as he makes his way to the large hearth. A shield rides on the back of one shoulder and held on one calloused hand is a worn and well-used hammer, the kind used by his kind to fight with. The cloak opens and one can see the glint of chain and the pommel of a dagger. He sits down in a chair facing the fire and after ordering a beer, removes a long-stemmed pipe, the stone bowl intricately carved. Soon he's puffing away slowly, his focus on a piece of parchment that he pulled out from oiled leather case.

If walking by for whatever reason, Yilmaz will note the parchment in the dwarf's lap is a map and clearly much like his own. Despite the runic letters of the dwarven language written along the margins, the symbols are nearly identical.

Re: Chapter 3

Wed Feb 01, 2017 6:08 am

"A gold piece a day! Lastel my friend if I had that kind of money I'd be the one owning the inn! I tell you what, I'll take the 10 for a fortnight if you thrown in these here five ales, and a plate of that fine venison that I can smell coming from the kitchen?"

Compared to the beating rain and wind outside the inn was as warm and comforting as a mother's womb. Ahh, now this is the life thought Deccon! No more skulking in the forest and sleeping in the mud. No more squeezing cold water out of wet boots and gnawing old scraps of ragged flesh from rabbit bones. No more putting everything at stake for nothing in return from that bastard Black Bowb.

No more murder.

Throughout the exchange with the innkeeper, Deccon had kept a half-eye on the dwarf who had settled himself in front of the hearth. A hard looking character, he could be just the one to fill the gap left by Gormlaith's departure. He resolved to talk to the rest of the party about it after the meal.

"Men" said Deccon turning to the rest of the group, keeping his voice low and meeting them each in the eye. "We had a helluva time out there but we made it through on the back of some solid teamwork and gritty fighting. I'd like to propose a couple of toasts. First, to our departed comrade Gormlaith. She took a blow for the rest of us that would've dropped the hardest of men, and kept on swinging. She'll be sorely missed and I wish her well." Deccon raises his tankard in toast and takes a heady swill.

"Second, I'd like to propose a toast to Yilmaz. That was some fine magicician's work back there my friend. I don't know what you did to those runts, but we would've been in for the fight of our lives if you hadn't put them to nodding like you did. Anyway, here's to saving our arses!" Deccon raises his tankard at Yilmaz and takes another hearty swill.

"Lastly, I'd like to propose a toast to Loren. Brother, I've done some mean work in my time, but with your wise counsel we avoided butchery and with any luck, might've found us some unlikely allies. Fine work my friend." Deccon raises his tankard at Loren and drains the stein.

Re: Chapter 3

Wed Feb 01, 2017 6:41 am

Yilmaz smiles at Deccon's kind words as he makes himself comfortable and dismisses the compliment by raising his tankard in response. "It's the only thing an old conjurer like myself is good for, there is no need to thank me. It was either them or us, and without your sword skills to hold them off I would have never gotten the chance to cast my spell." He modestly responds.

Taking a sip of his ale, he lets his eyes wander around the inn, in particular to the dwarf who sits near the hearth. "Hmm." He muses. "I don't think I've ever seen a dwarf being so absorbed in reading. From what I've experienced they are a working folk, crafting and mining being their most important activities when not eating, drinking or sleeping. It's the first dwarf I've seen studying."

Being an academic Yilmaz is intrigued by the thought of the studies done by another race, and he decides to walk up to the dwarf. "Greetings, my fellow scholar! Would you be interested in sharing a drink with us?"

Re: Chapter 3

Wed Feb 01, 2017 10:14 pm

"Why, thank you, Deccon. I only did what I thought was right." Brother Loren actually blushes from the positive attention, showing how young he still is,"I hope our trust in that fellow proves to be justified."

Re: Chapter 3

Thu Feb 02, 2017 6:16 am

Wouter wrote:"Greetings, my fellow scholar! Would you be interested in sharing a drink with us?"

The dwarf tilts his head up at Yilmaz, a thick flinty brow rising slightly as he calmly folds over his map. There's a quiet pause as the stout dwarf seems to take in the measure of the old man. He takes another puff of his long-stemmed pipe before replying, his voice a grumbling burr. "That's a first. I've never been mistaken fer a scholar before but if ye and your companions be of a merry disposition I could stand to join for a drink or two. Tis been a long lonely walk and I've gotten tired of me own voice of late."

He shoves the folded map under his cloak and takes hold of his hammer before getting up, following Yilmaz to the table where the others are sitting. He gives a slight bow of his bald head, the thick red plaits dropping below the rather wide leather girdle at his gut. "Well met," he states, "Bors is me name. Let me buy the first round of drinks. Barkeep! A new round 'ere!"

Re: Chapter 3

Thu Feb 02, 2017 11:22 pm

"Well met Bors, I'm Deccon Stormfall" says the big man extending his hand in greeting. "Always happy to meet a fellow drinker, and an adventurer by the looks of it? So what brings you to these parts my friend?"

Re: Chapter 3

Fri Feb 03, 2017 5:15 am

Bors takes Deccon's hand into his. Despite his diminished stature among humans, his calloused grip is like a vise. He pulls up a chair and eases into it, giving each a nod. "Looking fer an old ruin 'round 'ere. Me grandfather's youngest brother Egil, a stonemason by trade, came 'ere with several others drawn by the promise of good coin. Egil never came home, nor did any other the others. My grandfather passed during the time his brother was away working and after a time, me father had planned to take up the search but fell holding the Bridge of Tears when a ogre horde last tried to storm the gate of Glitterstone Hall. Now the burden falls to me ye see, to take the solemn quest to find Egil and bring home his remains and this I will do as long as I draw breath."

Bors pauses to chug down his ale, spilling some onto his beard. Of this his pays no attention and lifts a finger for the wench to bring him another. "In my travels I have found an old map, but it tells me nothing of the exact spot the ruin is located, just a general area. Vexing to be sure, but I've nothing but time. I'll be crossing this land from 'ere to there till I find it."

Re: Chapter 3

Fri Feb 03, 2017 7:04 pm

Yilmaz shakes Bor's hand after Deccon: "Well met indeed, I am Yilmaz the Old."

After listening to Bor's story he reveals his map from beneath his robe and unfolds it carefully: "I think we might be of some help to each other here..." He says meaningfully, gauging Bor's reaction to seeing the map.

Re: Chapter 3

Sat Feb 04, 2017 6:28 am

"I think we might be of some help to each other here..."

Bors eyes the map the old man unfolds and lifting the tankard to his lips, pauses when he spies the symbols and images drawn on it. His flinty brows furrow deep, his eyes now hard glints in the candlelight. Without permission the dwarf takes the map and glares out it, a stubby forefinger tracing the runes and symbols. "How did ye...where...blast it all," he growls, his eyes now accusatory, glancing from face to face among the party while one hand drops to the handle of his hammer. "Have ye been to the ruins? Did ye find it? Who are ye and wot are yer intentions? I'll have no truck with grave robbers or any of the kind who crawl about places dark and deep with wicked intentions. Are ye cultists, damn ye? Worshippers of dark loathsome gods thirsty for the blood o' sacrifices? Tell me!"

Within the inn, heads turn at the dwarf's rising voice. Lastel solemnly walks bend the bar and stands where his wicked battleaxe hangs. He crosses his massive arms across his chest and waits.

Re: Chapter 3

Sat Feb 04, 2017 10:09 am

Yilmaz quickly raises his hands, trying to soothe Bor's temper: "No, no, nothing of the sorts, my good man. Yes, we have been to the ruins, but not with wicked intentions. In fact, we can guide you to it and help you find Egil: the first part of your search could end here and now!"
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