Our Gaming Table [Please Read This!]

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Our Gaming Table [Please Read This!]

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Here are the rules/philosophy that I strive to abide by at the game table.

Rule Zero ~ The DM makes a ruling and then we move on. As the DM, I am truly rooting for you to win, but failing in a spectacular way would also be funny.

Rule One ~ Don't be a Jerk! Be respectful of others, don't hog the ball, work together, and play nice.

Rule Two ~ Keep on the Sunny Side! This is a PG rated game and a little salty language is fine, but please, no graphic imagery or content. We all bring different expectations to the game table but I want our table to be welcoming to all folks. If any player is having any problems, I hope they would private message me and I will do what I can to fix it. I want this to be a shared experience and a creative endeavor where all of us build a rich world of adventure.

I want you to have fun. If you are not having fun, then I want to know.

One promise I hope you can make to me...if for some reason Real Life gets in the way or you just have a change of heart and want to stop playing...please don't feel bad about it. Let me know if you don't wish to continue, I understand how things go sometimes.

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