Places Traveled to and People Met

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Places Traveled to and People Met

Postby jcftao » Mon Apr 29, 2019 2:22 am


Within the County of Derry
Rumpstone--a small village of about 100 people located in the middle of Eyre.
Shorne--a small village of about 60 people, two miles north of Rumpstone. The Lion and Lamb tavern is there.

Within the County of Barlow....
Dubbston--village of 125 persons.

Tibbs, tavern keeper (Lion and Lamb) in the village of Shorne.
Jasper, the sheriff's man in Derry County
Truman, farmer in Dubbston
Mayor Hammond of Dubbston
Kenneth, shepherd in Dubbston...the PCs killed wolves that were attacking his flock.

Rindel, a scurrilous knave intent on hiring villagers to work in Deliverance.
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