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I’m Doug, a guy who grew up gaming with the old classics – mainly Holmes Basic and AD&D 1e. The Old-School Renaissance got me back into gaming online and with my family over a decade ago; now I enjoy playing lots of old-school games – originals, clones and unique games alike. I’m Merias on a few other forums, and I have an old-school gaming blog (edit: new blog). I'm a Linux sysadmin by day (and often by night), so hopefully I can keep this running to everyone's satisfaction. Welcome!

As far as content here - as it says on the tin, this is an old-school gaming forum, so I'd like to keep the discussion and play-by-post activity squarely in the old-school camp. If we're discussing D&D, that means anything from AD&D 2e or prior is fair game. Other genres are welcome from the same time period, as well as clones or games modeled after those editions.

Forum History

Back in 2016, I'd been lamenting the loss of the official Swords & Wizardry forums for a while. I got back into gaming after many years away in 2009, with my kids, then 6 and 9. The first edition of the White Box rules, some dice and the original S&W monster book were all we needed. In 2012 I wanted to get more into the OSR community, but by then the S&W forum was already locked down and in decline, and so I went to the Goblinoid Games' forums. Within a year or so the official S&W forum was all but dead, most people having moved to G+. I did participate in G+ from time-to-time before it too was shut down, but it never sat right with me. I wrote about it in detail on my old blog, but basically I felt the community there was just not up to the task of having substantive discussions or running PbP games. The G+ S&W group seemed mostly to be advertising and links to elsewhere. I saw very few PbP games for S&W on other forums. The game that got me back into this hobby really needed a central place for discussion and PbP games, away from G+, I thought. Hence this forum.

In 2019 I changed the overall theme of the forum so that it better represented old-school gaming in general, you can read about the change here on the forum and on my blog.