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House Rules

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I'll be adding a few house rules at a time. Not too many, but just some simple rules that I think will enhance the game.

Character Generation

Players may opt for one of two methods--Roll 3d6 in order OR use a Standard Array. Personally, I prefer rolling 3d6 straight up. It adds an element of chance and you'll never know what you get. I've play characters with low stats before and it can really be fun to think about how this affects your PC.

Roll 3d6 in order. Roll 3d6 seven times and keep in this order...STR, INT, WIS, DEX, CON, and CHR. The seventh roll you may use to substitute for one of the first six rolls.

Standard Array. Use these rolls, 15, 14, 13, 12, 10, 8, arrange them in any order to suit your preference. This method will give you some nice stats with one exceptional ability.

Starting Hit Points will be maximum for the character class.

Advantages and Disadvantages Think of one thing your character is really good at (nothing combat related). It can be something related to a profession...i.e. good at blacksmithing or it could be something ability related, i.e. good at holding your breath, drinking ale, tracking game, etc.
Now, think of one thing your character is really bad at. It can be something like...working with mechanical devices, running, telling a lie, etc.

We will use this information to flesh out your character and give them one useful bonus and one interesting drawback. Game mechanics will be playtested for this. I may roll a d6 and give your character a bonus for advantage and minus for disadvantage, or I may do an ability check and roll with advantage (best of two rolls) or disadvantage (worst of two rolls).



Fighters can chop when they drop...they get one free attack after an enemy falls (within 5’)

Fighters may use a shield (giving +1 AC against all attacks) OR Two Weapon Style, +1 to hit and +1 AC vs one single opponent (the current target).

Surprise 2-in-6 or 1-in-6 for Elves. If surprised, enemy gets one free action.

Initiative is rolled each round. Elves and anyone else with a dexterity bonus will add +1 only during ties.


Injury and Death

When a character or important NPC is reduced to 0 hit points or less, they will roll on the Table of Death to see just how serious their injury will be.

Binding of wounds may be done immediately after a battle, restoring 1d3 hit points. If bandages are used, 1d3+1 are restored.

Critical Hits do maximum damage per weapon and one roll on the critical hit table.

Critical miss forces a roll on the critical miss table.

Subdual damage is done with the blunt part of any weapon. A knockout occurs when hit points reach zero. Hit points are regained after a few hours of rest.



I'm in the process of changing this to a point system. XP points will be given for each chapter of an adventure. After x number of chapters, you will level up.



We will be using the silver standard. Simply replace all gold prices with silver. This gives a reason for PCs to collect and use copper pieces.

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