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Re: Characters

Postby merias » Sun Apr 28, 2019 1:40 pm

.~-= Erwin Dirtnap =-~.

Erwin Dirtnap................AC 12............HP 8
2nd level human Cleric of Silvanus (Neutral)........Move 40

Str 10..........Saving Throw 14 (+2 vs poison and paralysis)
Int 9
Wis 17 (+1 to wisdom based saves, clerical spells more effective, target is -1 to saves)
Dex 12
Con 8
Chr 12 (max of 4 hirelings)

Base attack bonus: +0
Melee weapon: Staff [1d6]
Missile weapon:

XP: 612 (need 1,350 w/ 10% bonus figured in)

Cleric of Silvanus special abilities: Can wear leather armor and wooden shield only, weapons allowed include spear, scimitar, and sling. Cannot turn undead, but may soothe natural animals with a positive reaction roll and may befriend an animal with an outstanding roll. Uses a modified spell list for clerics.

Erwin is a good with carpentry and woodworking, but has never learned to swim and is afraid of large bodies of water.

Writ of Silvanus (holy text rec'd from Aethelwine)
Hardwood staff
Leather armor
Backpack, bedroll, cloak, a change of clothing, waterskin, a few days' food
Small sack, hammer, mallet, a handful of iron nails, wooden wedges, chisel, woodcarving knife

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Re: Characters

Postby mythictom » Tue Apr 30, 2019 2:41 am

.~-=Moonglimmer Honeysuckle=-~.

Moonglimmer Honeysuckle............AC 11......HP 7
1st Level Lost Song Wood Elf (Lawful)...........Move 50

Str 11.........Saving Throw 14
Int 12 ( 2 additional languages plus orc, goblin, hobgoblin, gnoll)
Wis 13
Dex 17 +1 to hit w/ missiles, +1 to AC
Con 13
Chr 17 Max hirelings is 6, +2 loyalty

Base attack bonus +0
Melee weapon: wooden spear 1d6, dagger 1d6-1
Missile weapon: wooden spear 1d6, dagger 1d6-1

XP 10 (need 15 for 2nd level)

Wood Elf Abilities/Restrictions:
Leather or chain only and shield. Preferred weapons are elven scimitar, shortbow, spear. May not use heavy two-handed weapons.
Moonglimmer gains a +1 to hit when using an elven bow.
Can spot secret and hidden doors 4-in-6 when searching or 2-in-6 when just passing by.
Can speak with gnolls, goblins, orcs, and hobgoblins.
Elves gain +1 to hit and damage when fighting goblins, orcs, intelligent undead, and lycanthropes.
Elves are immune to paralysis caused by undead such as ghouls.
Surprised only on 1-in-6. This applies to any group that an elf is accompanying. They are hard to surprise...only surprised on a 1-in-6 instead of 2-in-6. This bonus applies to any party travelling with an elf.
Elves gain +1 to individual initiative. When in a group, an elf will get to act before anyone else during a tie to initiative.
Forest travel does not slow an elf down.
While in a wooded environment, wood elves are nearly invisible (5-in-6 chance) if they remain still.
Lost Song Elves have lost the ability to cast spells.
Elves cannot see in the dark, but have sharper vision than many other creatures.

Naturally good at getting people to help her. Not just men, but especially men. And not in a manipulative way. People just like her.

Naturally bad at music...she loves music, but has no capacity for learning it. Tone deaf. Crackly singing voice. Almost obsessed with listening to musicians.

Equipment: elven longbow, 12 arrows, wooden spear, dagger, leather belt pouch

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Re: Characters

Postby greyarea » Mon Jul 08, 2019 11:04 pm

.~-= Fungo the Hobbit =-~.

Theme Music :

Race : Hobbit
Class : Thief
Alignment :
Level : 1
Experience Points : 7 (need 10 for 2nd level)
Hit Dice : 1
Hit Points : 6
Armor Class : 11
Base To Hit Bonus : +0
Thievery Roll : 2 in 6
Saving Throw : 14

STR : 11
INT : 12
WIS : 14
DEX : 17 (+1 to AC and Missiles)
CON : 7
CHA : 9

Common, Alignment, plus two additional languages
Special Abilities Due to a hobbits small size, giants, ogres, and their ilk do half damage. Hobbits gain +2 to missile attacks. Hide and move silently 5-in-6 chance. Saves vs magic are at +4.

Weapons Shortsword of Quality (+1 to hit) dmg 1d6-1, gift from Aethelwise of Nye

Gear a ball of twine

Magic Items



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Re: Characters

Postby connivingsumo » Wed Jul 10, 2019 1:36 am

.~-= Bizenghast the Sorceress =-~.
Theme music:

Race : Human
Class : Magic User
Alignment :
Level : 1
Experience Points : 7 (need 10 for 2nd level)
Hit Dice : 1
Hit Points : 6
Armor Class : 11
Base To Hit Bonus : +0
Saving Throw : 15

STR : 8
INT : 15
WIS : 10
DEX : 14
CON : 12
CHA : 13

Alignment, Ancient Empirian, Common, Goblin, Harpy, *Hiver, and *Kobold
*tentative - not yet decided - waiting for information

Special Abilities
+ Magic-users receive a +2 bonus on saving throws vs. spells—including those cast from wands and staves.
+ May cast one 1st level spell per day.
Spells Known:
(cantrips) Smoke (tea cup size/volume)
(L1) Read Magic
(L1) Detect Magic
(L1) Sleep

Weapons Walking Stick

Gear Quill and ink

Magic Items Spellbook

Exceptionally good at: Singing ~ her voice is all but enchanting - near a siren as can be - melodic, seductive, and haunting.
Exceptionally bad at: Navigation ~ thinking she was heading North East she went South and all but walked into a murder of Harridan, thus becoming enslaved.



From the free towns of the North, she got too close to the Desert of Cos. There, right along the border between lush and the land of the great yellow sand, she was taken. Escaping the Harrid Lands she floated down the river and was free once again. With only her training, she will try to survive and make a place for herself. She misses the wise teaching and magical strength of her counselor, the Master Wizard, Quexel Mitrix.
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Re: Characters

Postby badams30 » Fri Aug 09, 2019 1:21 am

Gump.jpg (22.81 KiB) Viewed 1218 times

Otis of Gyre
1st Level Fighter (Lawful)
HP: 7
AC: 15
Move: 50'

STR: 16 (+1 to hit & dmg)
INT: 7
WIS: 10
DEX: 11
CON: 13
CHR: 15
(5 hirelings, +1 loyalty)

Base attack bonus: +1 (STR)
Melee Weapon: table leg and boar spear
Missile Weapon:

XP: 7 (need 10 for 2nd level)

Abilities/Restrictions: Free attack when an opponent drops w/in 5’; Use shield OR two weapon style
Combat fury: against foes of 1HD or less, get one attack per level each combat round.
+2 bonus on saves vs. death/poison

Naturally good at: Otis is Fleet of Foot. He loves to run - sometimes for no reason whatsoever.
Naturally bad at: Otis tends to get aggravated when people bully others or do bad things to others. (He is used to people making fun of him, so it doesn't faze him usually)

Equipment: Kitchen table leg (well-worn, 1d6), boar spear (1d6) or (1d6+1 if used two handed), shield, chain mail,


Story: Otis is a simple but friendly farmhand from Gyre who is on his own after the untimely passing of his parents. One day he just decided to run – trying to find his place in the world.
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Re: Characters

Postby Black_Pudding » Sat Dec 21, 2019 6:23 am


Sir Hedwig of Savenna

1st Level Fighter (Lawful)
HP: 7
AC: 16, 17 with shield

STR: 15 (+1 to hit & dmg)
INT: 10
WIS: 8
DEX: 12
CON: 14
CHR: 13 (5 hirelings, +1 loyalty)

Armor: Old Plate (repaired at Beamish Hall), Helm, and Shield

Base attack bonus: +1 (STR)
Melee Weapon: Longsword (1d6)
Missile Weapon: None

XP: 4 (need 10 for 2nd level)

Free attack when an opponent drops w/in 5'
Combat Fury: Against foes of 1HD or less, get one attack per level each combat round.
+2 bonus on saves vs. death/poison

Treasure/Wealth: 6 sp

Story: Born into a noble house, Hedwig had everything a man of his station could want. When his beautiful wife Iselda died, Hedwig took it hard and the manor house and lands went to ruin as he lost himself reading chivalric romance stories. Over time this eventually led to his delusion that he himself is a knight errant, a wandering knight in search of chivalric adventures.
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