What other games do you play?

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Re: What other games do you play?

Post by badams30 »

I wouldn't mind playing in a space game of some sort, aside from Star Frontiers a LOOONNNNNGGGG time ago, never really played in that sort of game. Same thing for a simple super hero type game. I had been in a couple PbP zombie apocalypse type games, and it was okay, but seemed a bit overdone lately, so not my favorite.

Mine in no particular order are: Moldvay B/X, OSE, FMAG, LL, AD&D 1E, 2E.

I've got Tiny Dungeon (both editions) The Hero's Journey, and Pits and Perils, I'd like to give any and all of those a try once. Especially a super simple system like P&P or Tiny Dungeon (although I don't care for some of the races in TD, and when you get to 2ed Tiny Dungeon, the ruleset is huge, so kind of not so tiny...

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Re: What other games do you play?

Post by rredmond »

A Traveller game is just starting up over on Unseen Servant, and a Tiny Dungeon game started up a week or two ago.
The Western genre and Super Hero genre are both big draws for players, nobody has really stepped up to GM a PbP of either yet though. Always interesting what folks like to and want to play!

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Re: What other games do you play?

Post by AmpleFramework »

I'm hoping to do something with Star Wars d6 sometime in the near future.
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