Trails and Tales

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Trails and Tales

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I found this whilst messing around on the web:

It's a collection of battle spells to make your clerics even more baderer. There's some juicy magic, each with a funky name that's a more evocative than the usual fare.

The first is 'Admonition of the Sinful' (level 1). It creates a bolt of energy that is hurled at the target (hit roll required) and deals d4 damage. The cleric can keep blasting at a rate of 1 bolt/level, so a level 3 cleric can get 3 bolts from one lowly casting.

'Zealot's Fire' (level 6) conjures a flaming whirlwind centred on the caster that lasts for d6 rounds and delivers 3d8 damage (save for half). The cleric can also 'whip' targets up to 15' away for 2d6+1/level (again, save for 1/2).

There's also a bunch of class-specific magic items.

I do like the idea of the devout mauling heretics with righteous fury, but in my humble opinion clerics are tough enough as they are. If I used these spells in game, I'd tinker around with a less combat-effective priest class that relied more on faith than force of arms. Maybe something along the lines of a magic-user with turning abilities and (at a push) access to leather and shields, but xp requirements would be pretty high.

There's some fun spells in the document (which is free), and even if you're not going to give access to players, it'd be pretty fun to have your favourite clerical baddy drop 'Word of the Empyrean' on your unsuspecting players!

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