Return to the Known Lands - Session #25 - of Leeches and Rapids

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Return to the Known Lands - Session #25 - of Leeches and Rapids

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Date: 3/20/21


Louis (FM 3)
Osan (Elf F/MU 3/1)
Omes (Half FM 3)
Arro (MU 1)
Habru (Cleric 3)


Habru’s war dog, named Dog
Horace – Habru’s retainer – Cleric 1
Bunco – Omes’s retainer – Knave 1


Samtik – Habru’s porter
Durdoon – Arro’s mercenary

LL Notes:

In our previous session, the group had started on a 10-day river voyage to the city of Dolmvay, hired by the Mayor of Larm to escort his daughter to her future husband. The voyage continued in this session, ending on a cliffhanger as the PCs encountered some river pirates.

Session Notes:

The party spent the third night sleeping on deck, as usual. It was clear, calm and lit by a nearly full moon, but the peaceful night was interrupted when a giant leech slithered onto the deck and attempted to attach itself to Omes. In the ensuing commotion, Captain Sook, who had come out on deck to see what all the fuss was about, found himself a target of the leech. He was not as hardy as Omes and succumbed to the giant blood-sucker before it could be pulled off of him.

Day four dawned with the barge now captained by the first mate Stan. It was mostly uneventful, save for a cyclops spotted on on-shore which the party wisely ignored.

On the morning of day five, Stan expertly guided the barge through a short stretch of rapids. The barge rounded a bend on the other end of the rapids and was confronted by another vessel coming upstream. It was manned by about a dozen men, and outfitted with a trebuchet. Any hopes of a friendly encounter were dashed when one of the men on the vessel demanded they be allowed to board, and a stone was fired across the Dragonfly’s bow as a warning.

To be continued…

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