Return to the Known Lands - Session #27 - of Pirates and Ettins

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Return to the Known Lands - Session #27 - of Pirates and Ettins

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From ... nd-ettins/

Date: 4/24/21

Louis (FM 3)
Osan (Elf F/MU 3/1)
Omes (Half FM 3)
Arro (MU 1)
Habru (Cleric 3)

Habru’s war dog, named Dog
Horace – Habru’s retainer – Cleric 1
Bunco – Omes’s retainer – Knave 1

Samtik – Habru’s porter
Durdoon – Arro’s mercenary

Session Notes:

In our previous session, the party had defeated the river pirates, and were questioning the captives. As per their agreement with the first-mate Lt. Dann, they let him go in exchange for his information on the Golden Axe Society. They demanded he remove his armor and gold necklace, and allowed him to jump into the water and swim to shore with just a dagger. He fooled the party, however, by pretending to throw his necklace in the river, keeping it in his fist as he jumped off the boat. No one noticed until he swam to shore and put the chain back on, but they let him run off anyway. The few remaining pirates were sent back to their own boat and tied to the oars, under the watch of Louis, Horace, Arro and Omes. Both boats then got underway, again downstream towards Dolmvay.

Day six on the river was uneventful, and Arro took advantage of the time to place the captured Golden Axe leader Capt. Brant under a charm spell and question him further. The Captain told his new, trusted friend Arro that the Golden Axe was secretly under the command of the Dolmvay Harbormaster Gary Horn, who setup this entire kidnapping plot.

Day seven saw an attack by giant toads on the pirate vessel. They were killed but not before one of the captured pirates was eaten by one of the toads.

The string of bad luck continued on day eight when an Ettin approached the barge from an island in the center of some shallow water, and demanded to be fed a meal, “preferably a maiden”. Osan decided to try and move Claudia away from the barge to protect her, so he took her into the tied-up rowboat on the other side of the barge where she would be out of sight. As he did so, he noticed Claudia was wearing an amulet around her neck that he had not seen before. When Osan questioned her about it, Claudia admitted she had bought it from an old woman in Larm, who told her it was a good luck charm. Osan, however, recognized the symbol on the amulet (a circle with crossed daggers) as that of the followers of Xerxes, a chaotic god. He tore it off of Claudia’s neck and threw it into the river.

As that was going on, Habru tired to engage the Ettin in some meaningless parley, but the Ettin grew bored and started to walk towards the pirate boat. The party opened up on the Ettin from both vessels with missiles, flaming oil and a light spell, eventually killing it, but in the process catching the pirate boat on fire.

To be continued…

LL Notes:

The players finally had an explanation in this session for the unending string of attacks on their barge and overall bad luck, the “good luck” amulet given to Claudia. They also gained some key intelligence from the captured Golden Axe leader on his contact in Dolmvay, the city Harbormaster himself. Since they were just two days away from arriving in that city by boat (and most likely being confronted by the Harbormaster), they knew they had to come up with an alternate plan to get Claudia into the city. So the players ruminated on that until our next session.

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