Return to the Known Lands – Sessions #28 and #29 – Dolmvay at Last!

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Return to the Known Lands – Sessions #28 and #29 – Dolmvay at Last!

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From ... y-at-last/

Dates: 6/13/21, 7/11/21

Louis (FM 3)
Osan (Elf F/MU 3/1)
Omes (Half FM 3)
Arro (MU 1)
Habru (Cleric 3)

Habru’s war dog, named Dog
Horace – Habru’s retainer – Cleric 1
Bunco – Omes’s retainer – Knave 1

Samtik – Habru’s porter

Session Notes:

In our previous session, the party had dealt with an Ettin and were just two days from arriving in Dolmvay by boat. The pirate boat had caught fire in the party’s efforts to immolate the Ettin with flaming oil, but they managed to put out the fire with minor damage to the boat itself, and it was still river-worthy.

They left their boats and explored the island the Ettin had come from, finding a cave with a large sack of gold nuggets and jewels. They took the sack back to the barge and continued onward downstream.

On day nine, the party’s luck turned and they had a friendly run-in with some Mermen, who offered them some delicious and healing fish to eat.

On day 10, just hours north of Dolmvay, the party decided that they should continue the remaining distance on foot to avoid a confrontation with the Harbormaster, now known to be a leader of the Golden Axe and the man behind the kidnapping plot. Habru, Horace and Dog remained with the pirate boat, while the rest of the party disembarked and made the short hike west to the southern river road, with Claudia in tow.

A few hours later, the party entered the Traveler’s Gate in the Dolmvay River District on foot. Their intent was to meet the High Lawlord at the Valenon to let him know of the treachery of the Harbormaster, and also to deliver Claudia to the Retznem family as they had been originally tasked.

On the way to the Valenon, they had a brief encounter with a fleeing thief carrying a stolen sack of silver coins. Omes tripped and detained him, handing him off to the City Watch. There they met with a Sergeant who agreed to escort them to the Valenon, and were able to finally meet with the High Lawlord. They explained the situation with the Harbormaster and the Golden Axe Society, showing him one of the golden axe pendants. Luckily, the Lawlord knew of the Society and agreed to look into things. He ordered a detachment of Law Guardians to the harbor, and assigned two Guardians to escort the party to the City Center district, where they were to meet with the Retznem family.

On the way to the City Center district, they had to help vanquish six zombies who had presumably crawled up from the Dolmvay sewers and had already killed two of the City Watch. They then continued onto their meeting, safely handing off Claudia and collecting the final half of their payment from the Retznem’s.

Now anxious to wrap things up and return to Larm, they headed to the harbor. The good news was that the Harbormaster Gary Horn had been arrested, after the Law Guardians discovered he was concealing a golden axe necklace with five rubies on it, indicating very high rank in that society. The pirate barge was there, but Habru was gone, as were the pirates. They decided to sell the pirate vessel and returned to Larm on a slow and thankfully overland merchant caravan.

LL Notes:

Overall CLA-2 was a very well done river adventure with a good hook and lots of twists and turns to keep it interesting, yet still loose enough to allow for easy modification. The brief foray into Dolmvay the party added at the end made a nice change, however, and I could easily see running an entire campaign in Dolmvay, given the richness of the setting. We only scratched the surface.

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