Return to the Known Lands – Session #30 – Back to the Dungeon

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Return to the Known Lands – Session #30 – Back to the Dungeon

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Date: 8/14/21

Louis (FM 3)
Osan (Elf F/MU 3/1)
Omes (Half FM 3)
Arro (MU 2)

Bunco (Knave 1 – Omes)
Marnes (Cleric 3)

Arvay (wagon driver – wagon with supplies – Osan)
Samtik (linkboy/porter – Osan)
Burdar (Dwarf FM 0 – Arro)

Session Notes:

In our last session, the party had wrapped things up in Dolmvay with the arrest of the Harbourmaster and the successful hand-off of Claudia, the Mayor of Larm’s daughter, to her new family. Before leaving Dolmvay, as a reward, Arro was gifted the deed to the hill and surrounding land near Larm under which sprawled the dungeon they had been exploring. They named it “Arro’s Hill”. They made it back to Larm without any major incidents, and once back in town, they set about preparing for another excursion into the dungeon beneath Arro’s Hill.

They were able to pick up the services of a Cleric named Marnes and a Dwarf named Burdar, and set out for the dungeon a few days after arriving in Larm. They entered from the main hilltop entrance, and headed down the stairs and east, towards what they thought was an abandoned temple. They first came upon a small storage room, inside of which were several dark robes and a crate of candles. Across from the storage area the party went through an archway into an empty chamber with a dried and cracked font. The lawful PCs in the group felt uneasy here, and the font crumbled to dust when Marnes emptied some holy water onto it.

They crossed a silver line in the floor to the west, into what appeared to be an old torture chamber. There the party battled two wights, whom they suspected were former torture victims. In the melee, Omes, Osan and Louis were struck and drained of energy (LL note: 3 pts. of CON lost with each hit), but eventually the wights were slain and the party took some time to explore their surroundings. On a small altar, Omes found a finely crafted bone dagger. Bunco picked a cupboard lock and found a manual on torture and 3 cure light wounds scrolls. A brief skim of the torture manual told Arro that the former priests of this temple would torture their prisoners near to death, then heal them and start over.

Exploring further into the temple, the party came across a wraith in the living quarters of a former priest. In the ensuing melee, Louis was drained of energy completely and died. The party decided to cut their losses and head back to Larm with the body of Louis in tow.

LL Notes:

Marnes the Cleric was unable to turn the undead they encountered, and they drained CON points with a successful hit. Louis was struck one too many times, and dropped to zero CON. I hinted that he might need the services of the local church in Larm to prevent him from coming back as a wight or wraith himself. I don’t like level draining undead, and find the CON or STR drain is a decent, and still scary option that is not quite as deadly.

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