Return to the Known Lands – Session #38 – of Snake Men and Ochre Jellies

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Return to the Known Lands – Session #38 – of Snake Men and Ochre Jellies

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From ... e-jellies/.

Frakus (Dwarf FM 3)
Osan (Elf F/MU 4/2)
Omes (Half FM 5)
Arro (MU 3)

Marnes (Cleric 4)
Toetag (FM 1)
Burdar (Dw FM 1)

Arvay (wagon driver)
Samtik (linkboy/porter)

Session Date: 2/27/22

Session Notes:

After the last adventure, Arro spent some time in Larm looking at property, finally settling on the abandoned temple and land thereon. The town was happy to pass ownership of the old building – which had been sealed up since a group of adventurers cleared it of undead years ago – for 5,000gp. Arro intended to build a wizard’s residence and laboratory, with enough room for the other party members to live there with him.

Meanwhile, winter had arrived and after resting for a few days, the party geared up and headed back to the dungeon on the hill under some light snow. They could see tracks heading into the usual hilltop entrance, which came from the north, most likely the foothills in the distance. They ignored the tracks for now, and headed down to level 2, exploring an area just north of the now uninhabited Kamenni lair.

It wasn’t long before they encountered several snake men. Two held halberds and were guarding a corridor that stretched further north and west. They were not immediately hostile and the third, who was armed only with a staff, spoke the Common tongue and seemed open to parley. Arro was able to charm one of the halberd-armed snake men while the other party members talked, however the snake man with a staff was also a spell-caster, and charmed Toetag at the same time! The now friendly discussion ended in the snake men returning to their lair, with an admonition from one of the un-charmed guards not to disturb their king, whose throne room was to the north.

The party heeded the warning, and explored an area to the west they had not yet seen. There they discovered a partially-mined cave, and some searching uncovered a pouch of gems buried in a pile of stone rubble.

From there, the party headed north and east, into a circular chamber which was mostly taken up by a pool of dark water. The pool turned out to be an Ochre Jelly, so the party retreated rapidly and set up a flaming oil barrier that they hoped the Jelly could not cross. Arro had a different idea, and fled up the wall with a spider climb spell. Now safely above the Jelly, he emptied his vial of basilisk blood on the center of the ooze, turning it to stone. The party headed north, now that the way was safe. On the way, Arro took a small chip of the petrified Jelly and placed it into a ceramic jar for later examination.

Further on the party discovered a steam room, a privy, and a cold room that was being used as a meat locker. They took some of the meat and returned to town.

LL Notes:

I like to reward clever ideas, so when Arro’s player came up with the idea of using the basilisk blood on the Ochre Jelly, I allowed it, with the caveat that the effect was temporary. So there is still an Ochre Jelly wandering the halls of dungeon level 2 somewhere.

I was surprised that the old Larm temple session was from 2014 – I guess it’s easy to forget how much time has passed as you get older. That was one of the first set of sessions I ran with the same gaming group I play with today. I’m immensely grateful to have such a great group of players that has held together for almost 10 years – thanks guys!

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