Return to the Known Lands – Sessions #39 and #40 - in Search of the Golden Axe Hideout

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Return to the Known Lands – Sessions #39 and #40 - in Search of the Golden Axe Hideout

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From ... e-hideout/.

Frakus (Dwarf FM 3)
Osan (Elf F/MU 4/2)
Omes (Half FM 5)

Marnes (Cleric 4)
Toetag (FM 1)

Unis (FM 0)
Rawood (FM 0)
Arvay (wagon driver)
Samtik (linkboy/porter)

Session Dates: 3/13/22, 4/24/22

Session Notes:

The party, minus Arro and his retainer Burdar, decided to venture out into the wilds in search of the Golden Axe Society’s lair, rumored to be somewhere east and south of Larm.

They first made the rounds at some local farms to the south of town, and learned of a group of highwaymen who were robbing travelers and kidnapping any Dwarves they came across along the Old Quarry Road. That road was known by locals, being a route to the town of Quarry Run some leagues to the east. As the bandit group fit the description of the Dwarf-hating Golden Axe Society, they headed to the road, equipped for a lengthy trek with a wagon, supplies and horses. They tried to appear vulnerable, with just Osan and Omes driving the wagon, and the others hidden in back. The other horses they towed along behind the wagon, and took their time, staying alert to any dangers that might come from the forest to either side of them.

Later that afternoon, they saw a masked man on a horse ahead, stopped at a rise in the road. He drew a sword just as five other men joined him from behind, blocking the wagon. As the wagon drew near, the man told them to halt and cooperate and they wouldn’t be harmed. Needless to say, the party didn’t cooperate, and in the ensuing melee, four of the bandits were killed, while the leader and another escaped into the forest to the south. The dead bandits sported the gold axe pendants they had seen before, on their cursed boat ride to Dolmvay. As they were still just a half-day’s ride from Larm, they decided to head back to town and resume their quest the next day.

The next day the party again headed east on the Old Quarry road, but this time did not encounter anyone. That night, they camped in the woods a short distance from the road. Their sleep was uninterrupted until the pre-dawn hours, when they were awakened by the alluring voice of a Dryad. Both Towtag and Rawood fell under the Fae creature’s spell, and rose to follow her back to her tree. The rest of the party, who were unaffected by the charm, blocked the duo, and began a parley. Eventually the Dryad was convinced she would not have an easy time fighting the group, and retreated to her tree, while the party returned to camp.

A few hours later they were up, and this time headed south, deeper into the wilderness. Sometime near mid-day they encountered three werewolves, who gave the party a tough fight. Both Unis and Rawood were killed by the creatures, while everyone else was wounded. They tended their wounds, gathered the dead and headed back to Larm.

LL Notes:

My group is always terrified of wilderness exploration, as I typically use the stock encounter tables, which are in no way balanced. Dragons and giants are as likely as were-creatures, and unless they find a lair, treasure is rare. The Golden Axe bandit group was a planned encounter if the party stuck to the road, but the Dryad and werewolves were purely random forest encounters.

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