Return to the Known Lands – Session #41 – Return to the Old Temple

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Return to the Known Lands – Session #41 – Return to the Old Temple

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Frakus (Dw FM 3)
Arro (MU 3)

Marnes (CL 4)
Burdar (FM 1)

Session Date: 5/22/22

Session Notes:

Having purchased the old Larm temple to the god Thaxon, Arro decided to clear out any remaining undead that may have been left by the first attempt several years prior. He and Frakus headed in, finding a locked room on the ground floor with two exploding skeletons inside.

After dealing with the skeletons, they realized they might be unprepared for some more powerful undead, and returned to the supplier in town to stock up on silver weapons.

They returned to the temple once they were suitably outfitted, heading down to the crypt level. There they fought some zombies and a wight, presumably left from the last foray into the temple years ago. They were also able to come away with some more silver weapons. Arro and Frakus returned to town, with Arro now determined to fix up the old temple. He invested 1,000gp from his own hoard to this end, although the repairs were extensive and likely to take months.

LL Notes:

I had run a group of players through the abandoned temple of Larm way back in 2014 – so I “continued” the old session by assuming the old group might not have fully cleared the temple before it was boarded up and forgotten about. The two players in this session were not part of the first foray, so it worked out in the end. I didn’t make things too difficult – really this was a short session I ran off the cuff because we needed something to play, and it worked out in the end as a fun couple of hours.

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