Return to the Known Lands – Session #42 – Beware of Strangers with Magic Swords

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Return to the Known Lands – Session #42 – Beware of Strangers with Magic Swords

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From ... ic-swords/.

Frakus (Dw FM 3)
Osan (Elf F/MU 4/2)
Omes (Half FM)
Arro (MU 3)

Marnes (CL 4)
Burdar (Dw FM 1)
Toetag (FM 1)

Aravay (wagon driver)
Samtik (porter – RIP bitten by a giant spider)

Session Date: 8/14/22

Session Notes:
The party traveled to the dungeon under Arro Hill, finding a self-proclaimed adventurer named Kirk camped atop the hill, who asked to join the party. They agreed and went down to the northeast corner of the first level, where Frakus started work on breaking down a locked door.

The noise attracted a party of four Duergar, who attacked Osan on sight. Osan killed his attacker, while Arro cast sleep on the other three. Osan recovered a sack of silver coins from one of the evil Dwarves, and the party was again beset by a wandering menace – this time the floating bubbles they had encountered before on level one. One of the bubbles burst and sprayed acid, but it was not close enough to injure anyone when it did so. The others burst and showered the floor with small gems, which the party recovered.

Getting back to the locked door, Frakus finally broke it down and they entered what appeared to be an alchemy lab. Arro cast detect magic, finding no magical auras, however he noted that Kirk’s sword radiated magic. Arro did not tell anyone, however, because unbeknownst to the party, he had been charmed by the sword itself.

The party next headed down to level two, paying a visit to Tomas the menagerie keeper. He told them of a recent visit by some Gnolls, who bring food for his creatures once per week.

While this was happening, Arro was showing Kirk his spider amulet after spying a large spider in one of the cages. Kirk, Arro’s new best friend, asked for the amulet, and Arro gave it to him as a gift. It was at this point that Osan became suspicious of Arro’s behavior, as the mage was normally quite stingy. It got worse when Arro offered to give Kirk the deed to the hill under which they delved, and at that point everyone in the party knew something was amiss.

Frakus and Omes tried to push Kirk into an empty cage, but they failed and Kirk drew his sword, kicking off a melee.

Arro, attempting to help Kirk, quaffed a potion of invisibility, stole Tomas’s keys, and released the large spider from its cage – fully knowing that Kirk would be protected by the spider amulet. Omes and Samtik were, at the same time, attempting to subdue and grapple Kirk. The spider bit and killed Tomas and Samtik while Osan was busy trying to locate the invisible Arro.

Omes was able to finally subdue and knock out Kirk, then rushed to the aid of Burdar, who was now being attacked by the spider. Frakas joined Omes in this effort, and they had soon killed the spider.

But Arro had in the meantime crept up to Kirk, and given him a healing potion. Kirk hopped up and ran east, down a darkened corridor.

Osan pursued Kirk, tackling him. The still-invisible Arro again came to Kirk’s aid, giving him a potion of human control. This enabled Kirk to take control of Omes as the Halfling and Frakas were rushing to help.

Omes, now effectively charmed by Kirk as well, tapped Osan on the shoulder and said “We should just let him go and go back to finding loot”. It was at this point that Arro cast “shield” on himself and became visible to the others.

To be continued…

LL Notes:
Arro’s player did a great job role-playing someone who has been charmed by an enemy. He did not hold back using any of his spells or magic items trying to help the stranger Kirk. Omes’s player, also, handled well being charmed by the potion of human control. It was just bad luck for the party that the potion controlled Halflings, something I rolled on the spot from the the table in the Labyrinth Lord rules.

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