[X-plorers] X-plorers mini-supplement

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[X-plorers] X-plorers mini-supplement

Post by merias »

This topic seemed a little light, OK well empty, so I thought I'd share some X-plorers ideas that I had posted to my blog a while ago. I really like this game - I've run it a few times and came up with some rules additions:

https://drive.google.com/file/d/0ByYame ... sp=sharing

There is some new armor, a few new weapons, and some zero-G combat rules (at some point I have to fix the ugly 2-column layout, but it gets the material across).

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Re: [X-plorers] X-plorers mini-supplement

Post by Mike »

I will definitely check this out when I'm free from the tyranny of the office firewall. I'm also a big fan of this one. Some of the skill categories of the classes seem a little off but overall it really works for me.

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