Character Races Updated

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Character Races Updated

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New Character Races and Classes

In addition to the standard races (human, elf, dwarf), I am opening the door to some experimental races and classes

Thanjurians (a human race)
Swarthy desert men, black robes, turbans, oiled hair and beards, no mustaches
Curved daggers, scimitars, crossbows
Assassins use poisons in food and drink and on blades
Religion is cult based on leader of the country...a tyrant named Rath-ak-Sul
His police force imposes religious law upon citizens and foreigners alike

Vernae (new class)
Crane maidens ~ deadly with common tools, staff, net, spear.
+1 to hit when using quarterstaff
Parry skill ~ can parry melee and missile attack by making saving throw.
Favored enemy are slavers, +2 combat bonus when in defense of the innocent
Has thief skills, no armor allowed, no shield
Can take the form of a crane at higher levels (1x at 3rd lvl, 3x at 5th, at will at 10th)
Can cast magic spells as a magic user of ½ level
They practice Theos mysticism
Temple is called “The Sedge” on a well defended island, high on a mountain top
Monastic vows ~ defense only, vegetarian, poverty
Symbol ~ crane on wing


Rana--"Frogkin"--this race is a biped frog/toad creature ranging in size from a diminutive 3' tall Frogkin to a 5' tall and broad shouldered Thug Toad. Frogkin make great swashbucklers and thieves (great hoppers). Thug Toads are often hired as mercenaries for unscrupulous nobles.

Rana can hop as far as 30ft to attack, adding +1 to hit and inflicting +2 to damage. Because their skin color changes to match their surroundings, they have a 75% chance not to be noticed when waiting in ambush.

They have excellent night vision...but bright sunlight makes them squint, -1 to hit in bright sunlight.

They are excellent swimmers.

Rana may be of any alignment.

Armor: Their hopping distance is halved if they wear heavy armor or if encumbered.

Rana are +2 to saves vs cold based attacks, -2 to save vs heat based attacks.

Thugtoads may be fighters or thieves. As a fighter they may advance to the 6th level, 7th level for Str of 16, and 8th level for Str of 17+. As a thief, there is no limit to their advancement.

They can speak in common but with a croaking voice.


Kreen (Mantis Men)

Four extra attack if using melee weapons other than long weapons.
Natural AC4 [15]
Live in desert and rocky areas in mounds (like termites)
Hives are religious. There god is T’kali T’kat, Kreen Mother, lives among the stars
Alien minds, limited telepathic and pheromone communication
They have a difficult time learning and speaking common languages, vocal sounds are limited to buzzing, chirps, and clicks. Some Kreen that have dwelt among humans for a while can manage rudimentary speech
Magic is shamanistic in nature and has an elemental flavor
Horses are terrified of them
Some Kreen ride segmented, armored worms (giant centipedes and millipedes)
Diet is mainly plant based, grubs and insects (both small and large)
Crystal shard weapons, no armor, no metal working
Spears, obsidian knives, sling stones
Some Kreen wander in the world seeking spiritual enlightenment

Pendrian--humans with fey blood in their ancestry, they are not half elves, but humans with some innate magic ability.
All Pendrian have +1 save vs magic, all can cast minor magic in the form of cantrips. All Pendrian each know one cantrip, which they may cast at will.

If an individual has a 13+ in any two of INT, WIS, or CHR they gain an additional cantrip. If they have a 13+ in all three scores, they will know a 1st level spell that they can cast once per day in addition to the cantrips. All cantrips can be cast at will, the 1st level spell may be cast once per day. Pendrians that have these innate spells may cast them while wearing armor. If a Pendrian becomes a magic user, he must abide by the rules for spellcasting for all subsequent spells. That is, no armor can be worn to cast any other memorized spells.
Pendrians are different than other humans. They are often considered as Elf Kin and are treated poorly at times by those that disdain elves. The hatred orcs feel for elves is also carried over to Pendrian. Dwarves, though not openly hostile, will not be favorably inclined towards Pendrian.

Zephros, the winged folk ... sp=sharing

Modifications--class-any but level restriction based on prime ability score 8th for 18, 7th for 17, 6th for 16 or less, armor restriction-(for classes that allow armor) leather and shield


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