Town Hall Notices

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Town Hall Notices

Postby jcftao » Fri Aug 04, 2017 8:22 pm


Looking over the message board, Tarmo sees the following notices...

Assistant Weapons Master needed! Only skilled persons need apply. Contact the Captain of the Guard, Wickersham Castle.
Needing adventure in your life? Wait no more! Join the Night Watch. Able bodied men report to Captain Orso, Town Watch, River Gate District.
A young woman has written a note asking for information on her missing husband, Valen Goodwell, a book seller.
A notice for help needed in repairing the town walls. Experience stone masons are urgently needed. Dwarves welcome! Contact Obed Farling, Mason Guild.
Wanted--Horses and Cattle needed for our town. Any information will be helpful, contact Captain of the Guard, Wickersham Castle.
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