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Post by merias »

Here is the party haul so far:

A green gem carved in the shape of a demon’s head - 500gp
The necklace of human bones and gold beads - 100gp
total of 1041gp, 420sp for 174gp, 70sp each

Carved ivory owl pipe with 3 bowls left of night-vision pipeweed, +1 shield - Dolgrim
Boots of springing and striding, Two potions of invisibility, brooch of protection +1 - Fenwick
+1 short sword - Finnr
Plate armor, sword +1/+2 vs. fire-based creatures - Oberon
Plate armor - Grimma
Potion of healing, +1 mace and five vials of holy water (gifts from your visits with Rhall) - Guntram

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Re: Loot!

Post by jcftao »

If Fennr could hold onto the magic sword, that is all the loot he should get this time...he wasn't around for most of the fighting like poor old brave Gerhard...<sniff>

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Re: Loot!

Post by greyarea »

Sarcophagus #1: Necklace of blood rubies
Sarcophagus #2: Bracelet of blue stones
Sarcophagus #3: Dagger with yellow jewels in the handle
Sarcophagus #4: Silver brooch engraved with a fiery fist (Brooch of Protection +1)
Sarcophagus #5: 100gp in a box encrusted with semi-precious stones

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