Chapter 3: The Abandoned Lab

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Re: Chapter 3: The Abandoned Lab

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The afternoon is halfway through when the party decides to leave the Abandoned Laboratory and makes its way back to the village of Jodcar. They pass the crossing, take a left, then a right, and finally ascend the stairs at the top of which Dahl and Holger put their shoulders against the heavy oak trapdoor to push it open.

A breath of fresh air rushes into the stairwell and it takes a while for their eyes to adjust to the light of day. A soft breeze rustles the leaves in the surrounding forest, and the sound of the many birds that inhabit it emphasizes the dead stillness inside the lair underneath Kal-Dokk’s tower. When everyone has climbed out, the trapdoor is carefully closed and Albin extinguishes his torch as the sun slowly warms their cold faces and hands. Soon, the pleasantness of this beautiful day has expelled the memories of the dark and damp dungeon that lies beyond the trapdoor.


Moving south along the overgrown pathway, the party reaches the main path leading west towards Jodcar. After a pleasant walk of about two hours, they exit the forest and pass the first farms. The houses of the village can be seen up ahead, smoke curling up from the chimney of the 'Hunter’s Moon', and whiffs of roast fowl delight their noses already.

Let's move on to Chapter 4: Back in the village.