Chapter 4: Back in the village

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Re: Chapter 4: Back in the village

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Dahl grins at Memphisto. “Or perhaps it simply prefers my sparkling personality.”

“If it’s all the same to everyone else, let’s head north, and more north, to the stairs and down to whatever fortune awaits us.”

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Re: Chapter 4: Back in the village

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Memphisto says, "Aye, let's do that. I am hoping my headaches will be gone now that I've give up the gem."

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Re: Chapter 4: Back in the village

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The adventurers exit the statue room through the north door and make their way north to the mosaics room. Holger opens the door and cautiously they cross the room with the damaged patterns in shades of brown, white and ochre. Exiting through the north door, they finally face the stairs leading deeper down into the dark lair under the ruins of the tower of the old wizard Kal-Dokk, and they start the descend...

On to the next level, let’s head over to Chapter 5: Delving deeper.
[*]Holger: open door... 1d6 - 1 = 1 => SUCCESS
[*]Holger: open door... 1d6 - 1 = 3 => SUCCESS[/list]
Moving to the stairs leading to the second level took the party about 20 minutes.