Chapter 6: Jodcar revisited

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Re: Chapter 6: Jodcar revisited

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Lisglen moves back as well, a bit worried.
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Re: Chapter 6: Jodcar revisited

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Freda has five torches left. She takes one from her backpack and hands it over to Van: "Make it count, axeman."
Van takes the torch and grunts. He says, "I'm definitely not the right person for this job, but since it's my idea, it's my burden."
Van lights the torch with the existing light source.
OOC: I assume I can do that. If not I have flint and steel.
Once the torch is lit, he creeps forward within 5 feet of the room entrance. He looks over his shoulder and whispers, "Get ready."
Van draws his battle axe with his left hand, torch in the right. When the others are ready, he tosses the torch into the room aiming for the center.

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Re: Chapter 6: Jodcar revisited

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Van’s throw is dead-on: the torch flies through the doorframe and lands in the center of the web-ridden floor of the 9 m by 9 m room beyond. Even though the air is humid and the strands of web glisten with moist, it catches fire as if it were dry hay: within seconds the fire engulfs the room and an ear-piercing, beastly shriek coming from inside the room, above the entrance, echoes through the dungeon.

Almost instantly, the fire spreads rapidly into the hallway and it is too late that the adventurers realise they are standing amidst the highly inflammable material themselves... Dahl, Memphisto, and Albin manage to make a dash and jump out of the corridor, avoiding being harmed by the flames. The others can’t get away in time and they are scorched by the fire before they get out.

All stand panting at the four-way, some with blackened faces and burnt pieces of clothing, with their eyes fixed on the hallway where the cobwebs are now nearly burnt and the last flames are dying out. Through the clearing smoke they see a black creature the size of a dwarf swiftly scurrying towards them: it is a huge spider, missing one of its legs and still smoldering from the blazing fire it just escaped. It hisses and attacks the party on sight...

Let’s start off battle here: Chapter 7: Vermin-infested halls.

Standing in the back:
[*]Dahl: saving throw.. 1d20 = 14 => SUCCESS
[*]Memphisto: saving throw.. 1d20 = 17 => SUCCESS
[*]Lisglen: saving throw.. 1d20 = 2 => FAIL, taking 1d4 = 1 damage
[*]Holger: saving throw.. 1d20 = 12 => FAIL, taking 1d4 = 4 damage [/list]
Standing in front, with a penalty of -2 to the ST due to being obstructed by the other party members:
[*]Van: saving throw.. 1d20 - 2 = 2 => FAIL, taking 1d4 = 3 damage
[*]Freda: saving throw.. 1d20 - 2 = 3 => FAIL, taking 1d4 = 4 damage
[*]Albin: saving throw.. 1d20 - 2 = 15 => SUCCESS[/list]
Friends Foes

# Name HP Status # Monster Dmg. Status
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2 Memphisto 6/ 6
3 Lisglen the Sage 9/10
4 Van Illundra 4/ 7
5 Holger 3/ 7
6 Freda Briarfoot 4/ 8
7 Albin 7/ 7