Chapter 8: Forgotten Ossuaries

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Re: Chapter 8: Forgotten Ossuaries

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If nothing more happens during the walk, Lisglen will stop at some point to bind Memphisto's wound and cast his CLW spell on Albin. "That should keep you going long enough for now."
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Re: Chapter 8: Forgotten Ossuaries

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"I wish I had known your fallen comrade, my new friends. It would be my honor to help you bury her", says Balthus, following the party under Lisglen's lead.

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Re: Chapter 8: Forgotten Ossuaries

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Memphisto replies, "Thank you, friend Balthus. If we can recovery por Freda's body upon our return to the accursed dungeon."

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Re: Chapter 8: Forgotten Ossuaries

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Lisglen tends to Memphisto's wounds with the bare material he has left to do so. A basic bandage will have to do for now, and Memphisto feels only slightly better... The cleric then turns to Albin and starts muttering the words to a passage of the holy scripture of the True Light: immediately Albin feels a warm, tingling sensation starting deep inside his chest, and slowly but surely it spreads out through his arms, legs and head. After a couple of seconds the tingling disappears and Albin feels much better.

The adventurers make their way back to the main road through the overgrown forest path. By the light of the moon and stars the road is quite clearly visible and the trip back to the village of Jodcar takes them as just about as long as it would in broad daylight. After traveling without delay for an hour or two the silhouettes of the sleeping village can be clearly seen up ahead. No smoke curls up from any of the chimneys and behind no window can a light be seen. Even the Hunter's Moon is dead quiet, its guests all fast asleep.

After softly knocking a couple of times, Giles the innkeeper groggily opens the door in his nightgown, holding a candle. "I ought to charge extra for letting you merry-makers in at this time of night..." He grumbles as he closes the door and walks upstairs to go back to bed...

You safely made it back to the village of Jodcar, let's move on to Chapter 9: A well-deserved rest.

Lisglen: bind wounds... Mamphisto recovers 1d4 = 1 hp
Lisglen: cast Cure Light Wounds... Albin recovers 1d6 + 1 = 5 hp
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2 Memphisto 4/ 6
3 Lisglen the Sage 5/10
4 Van Illundra 7/ 7
5 Holger 7/ 7
6 Balthus 7/ 7
7 Albin 6/ 7