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House Rules

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* Under Construction! *

Character Generation
* It must be said that some of the rules are borrowed from other sources *
  • Stats. Roll 3d6 six times using an online dice roller such as the one at Unseen Servant You may arrange your scores to suit.
  • Only fighters get the +1 bonus to-hit/damage with a STR score of 15 or more (with both melee and hurled weapons). Everyone is -1 to-hit/dam for STR scores of 6-
  • +/-20lbs carry capacity for same values
  • DEX bonus/penalties apply to everyone
  • Hit Points Max HP at first level
  • Starting Gold. Roll 3d6x10
  • 1 gp = 10 sp = 100 cp
  • Encumbrance Let’s keep this simple as I’m not a weights and movement sort of guy. Assume ‘standard’ gear weighs 10 lbs., then add armor and weapon weights. Coins are 20 per pound (this may change)
  • Languages. Humans get a language for every point of INT over 10. Halflings know Elvish and Gnomish. Dwarves and Elves receive those as listed in WB
  • Anyone playing an Elf must decide on playing either a Fighter or a Magic-User (none of that daily flopping) or an Elf variant. Elf variant will observe armor restrictions.
  • Elf fighters get a +1 to hit with a bow
  • Dwarves possess 60’ Darkvision
  • Fighters get a +1 BHB at 1st Level.
  • Spell-casters get an adjustment of +/- 1 to the target's saving throw vs. spells, when it applies, for INT (magic-users) or WIS (clerics) of 15+ or 6-
  • Magic-Users and Clerics can create scrolls of spells they know for 100gp per spell level and 1 week's labor
  • Magic-Users begin play with a spell book containing all 1st level spells. Anything else must be found or bought. Clerics do not have spellbooks, they just pray for spells each day.
  • Bind wounds: Any character can bind wounds of another after a combat. This cures 1d4 HP, but can only be done once per day per PC
  • 0 HP is unconscious, death at negative hit points.
  • Magic-users can use the dagger or staff as a weapon.
  • Halflings and Dwarves cannot use two-handed swords or polearms.
  • 'Shield will be splintered’ rule. Shields still provide bonus to AC. Player with shield as the option to have shield absorb all the damage of a singe blow. The shield is thereafter ‘splintered,’ rendered unusable and discarded.
Players will roll for their character's actions, except for those the GM must make for a player (like listening at a door). I'm brutally fair as I don't fudge rolls, ever. Death is part and parcel of the adventurer's trade, so don't be upset if your character dies. On the subject of rolls, I know how players can get around rolling on dice rollers, but I urge you to play honestly. If you cheat on your rolls, you'll be cheating yourself of a wonderful experience. If I do feel like the rolls are getting out of hand, then I might have to do all the rolls myself.

I am a fair GM. There will be no rules lawyering or god-modding. I am the final arbiter of the rules. The rules are just guidelines.

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