A Short Background (or the Hook)

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A Short Background (or the Hook)

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The land has known nothing but conflict ever since the High King died so many years ago without leaving an heir. Along the border, the once quaint valley of Odenrung has been the victim of a war of attrition between the armies of two powerful barons. An uneasy truce exists for the time being, no one knowing when it will all start over again. In the meantime, soldiers who deserted have turned to banditry while ghouls lurk in old battlefields. Fell creatures now emerge from the nearby mountains and hills, their numbers unchecked by the absent forces of order.

Nestled within the valley is a hamlet of no importance save for the legend of the great King Harrod having slept the night at the inn now aptly named the King’s Rest. It is this very inn that the party of intrepid adventurers are headed for as they travel down the old road toward Wodbury. This band of brave souls has come together for in their possession is a old tattered map, stained and yellowed with age. The map hints of an entrance to a underground structure not far from Wodbury, its purpose now long lost to time. Even more, the map suggests treasure, of gold and gems. Whatever their reason, for gold, fame or both, each member of the party has sworn their brotherhood to each other as they head toward their destiny.

Dark clouds pregnant with rain loom above in a grey sky. Soon it will be dark and the party cannot stand to rest another night outside. Hot food, ale and mead, a roaring fire and soft beds await as you pick up the pace. Forests and meadows give way to fallow fields and pastures nearly devoid of sheep and cattle.

You reach a bend in the road where a shallow stream runs across the path. You can see the roofs of the hamlet just beyond a magnificent ancient oak past the stream. As you approach the stream...

And thus begins the adventure!

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