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Postby jcftao » Sat Apr 27, 2019 6:16 pm

Greyarea's Thief
.~-= PC Name =-~.

Race : Human
Class : Thief
Alignment : Neutral

Level : 1st
Experience Points : 1 (need 1,188 w/ bonus figured in)
XP Bonus : +5%
Hit Dice : 1
Hit Points : 6
Armor Class : 11

Base Attack Bonus: +0
Saving Throw : 14 (+2 vs any trap, magical or mundane)

STR : 11
INT : 12 (2 additional languages)
WIS : 14
DEX : 17 (+1 to hit w/ missiles, +1 AC)
CON : 7
CHA : Max hirelings is 3

Special Abilities : Thievery 2-in-6. Can only wear leather armor. Back stab at +2 to hit and rolling damage twice.

Really good at... :
Really bad at... :

Common, Alignment



Magic Items



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Re: Characters

Postby Tamerlaine » Sun Apr 28, 2019 7:26 am

.~-= Sigga Grimstone =-~.


Sigga Grimstone.............AC 10......HP 8
1st Level Dwarven Fighter (Lawful)...........Move

Str 15 +1 to hit and damage............Saving Throw 14 (+2 vs death and poison, +4 vs magic)
Int 5 cannot read or write
Wis 8
Dex 13
Con 15 +1 to hp
Chr 8 max of 3 hirelings, -1 loyalty

Base attack bonus +0
Melee weapon: war hammer 1d6
Missile weapon:

XP 100 (need 1900 w/ 5% bonus figured in)

Dwarven Abilities: Infravision 30' (spoiled by torches) Spot traps, slanting passages, and construction, while underground 4-in-6 while searching, 2-in-6 while just passing by.
Giants, ogres, trolls, and other giant-kin do half damage to dwarves. 6th level maximum as fighter.

Fighter Abilities: (combat fury) gain one attack per level vs 1 HD foes.
Can speak gnome, goblin, orc, and kobold.

Sigga is really good working a forge (smithing).
She is really bad at cooking.

Equipment: war hammer (forged by Sigga)
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Re: Characters

Postby merias » Sun Apr 28, 2019 1:40 pm

.~-= Erwin Dirtnap =-~.

Erwin Dirtnap................AC 10............HP 6
1st level human Cleric of Silvanus (Neutral)........Move 12"

Str 10..........Saving Throw 15 (+2 vs poison and paralysis)
Int 9
Wis 17 (+1 to wisdom based saves, clerical spells more effective, target is -1 to saves)
Dex 12
Con 8
Chr 12 (max of 4 hirelings)

Base attack bonus: +0
Melee weapon: Staff [1d6]
Missile weapon:

XP: 100 (need 1,350 w/ 10% bonus figured in)

Cleric of Silvanus special abilities: Can wear leather armor and wooden shield only, weapons allowed include spear, scimitar, and sling. Cannot turn undead, but may soothe natural animals with a positive reaction roll and may befriend an animal with an outstanding roll. Uses a modified spell list for clerics.

Erwin is a good with carpentry and woodworking, but has never learned to swim and is afraid of large bodies of water.

Hardwood staff
Backpack, bedroll, cloak, a change of clothing, waterskin, a few days' food
Small sack, hammer, mallet, a handful of iron nails, wooden wedges, chisel, woodcarving knife

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Re: Characters

Postby Son_of_Sod » Sun Apr 28, 2019 11:26 pm

.~-=Roger the Shrubber=-~.

Roger the Shrubber.............AC 10......HP 7
1st Level Human Fighter (Neutral)...........Move

Str 14.........Saving Throw 14 (+2 vs death and poison)
Int 14 (4 additional languages)
Wis 8
Dex 15 +1 to hit w/ missiles, +1 to AC
Con 11
Chr 13 Max hirelings is 5, loyalty +1

Base attack bonus +0
Melee weapon:
Missile weapon:

XP 100 (need 2000)

Fighter Abilities: (combat fury) gain one attack per level vs 1 HD foes.

Naturally good at:
Knowing the current socioeconomic and political state of affairs that may lead to class based and age based discrimination by traditional elitists or ruffians. As well as selling said traditional elitists and ruffians shrubberies.

Naturally bad at:
Refraining from commenting on the oppressive nature of people who hold political and other forms of power.


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Re: Characters

Postby mythictom » Tue Apr 30, 2019 2:41 am

.~-=Moonglimmer Honeysuckle=-~.

Moonglimmer Honeysuckle............AC 11......HP 7
1st Level Lost Song Wood Elf (Lawful)...........Move

Str 11.........Saving Throw 14
Int 12 ( 2 additional languages plus orc, goblin, hobgoblin, gnoll)
Wis 13
Dex 17 +1 to hit w/ missiles, +1 to AC
Con 13
Chr 17 Max hirelings is 6, +2 loyalty

Base attack bonus +0
Melee weapon: wooden spear 1d6
Missile weapon: wooden spear 1d6

XP 100 (need 5000)

Wood Elf Abilities/Restrictions:
Leather or chain only and shield. Preferred weapons are elven scimitar, shortbow, spear. May not use heavy two-handed weapons.
Moonglimmer gains a +1 to hit when using an elven bow.
Can spot secret and hidden doors 4-in-6 when searching or 2-in-6 when just passing by.
Can speak with gnolls, goblins, orcs, and hobgoblins.
Elves gain +1 to hit and damage when fighting goblins, orcs, intelligent undead, and lycanthropes.
Elves are immune to paralysis caused by undead such as ghouls.
Surprised only on 1-in-6. This applies to any group that an elf is accompanying. They are hard to surprise...only surprised on a 1-in-6 instead of 2-in-6. This bonus applies to any party travelling with an elf.
Elves gain +1 to individual initiative. When in a group, an elf will get to act before anyone else during a tie to initiative.
Forest travel does not slow an elf down.
While in a wooded environment, wood elves are nearly invisible (5-in-6 chance) if they remain still.
Lost Song Elves have lost the ability to cast spells.
Elves cannot see in the dark, but have sharper vision than many other creatures.

Naturally good at getting people to help her. Not just men, but especially men. And not in a manipulative way. People just like her.

Naturally bad at music...she loves music, but has no capacity for learning it. Tone deaf. Crackly singing voice. Almost obsessed with listening to musicians.

Equipment: wooden spear, leather belt pouch

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