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Re: Characters

Post by merias »

.~-= Erwin Dirtnap =-~.

Erwin Dirtnap................AC 7 [12]............HP 11
3rd level Cleric of Silvanus (Neutral)........Move 40

Str 10..........Saving Throw 13 (+2 vs poison and paralysis)
Int 9
Wis 17 (+1 to wisdom based saves, clerical spells more effective, target is -1 to saves)
Dex 12
Con 8
Chr 12 (max of 4 hirelings)

Base attack bonus: +0
Melee weapon: Staff [1d6]
Missile weapon: Sling [1d6]

XP: 2/ needs 10 to gain 4th level

Cleric of Silvanus special abilities: Can wear leather armor and wooden shield only, weapons allowed include spear, scimitar, and sling. Cannot turn undead, but may soothe natural animals with a positive reaction roll and may befriend an animal with an outstanding roll (may also turn animals). Uses spell list for clerics (allowed 2 1st level spells).

Erwin is a good with carpentry and woodworking, but has never learned to swim and is afraid of large bodies of water.

Subclasses: Tracker and Heretic.

Writ of Silvanus (holy text rec'd from Aethelwine)
Hardwood staff
Sling, 6 silver bullets, 12 stone bullets
Leather armor
Backpack, bedroll, cloak, a change of clothing, waterskin, 1 week iron rations, 3 flasks oil
Small sack, hammer, mallet, a handful of iron nails, wooden wedges, chisel, woodcarving knife

Mule and saddlebags

Treasure: 80sp

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Re: Characters

Post by mythictom »

.~-=Moonglimmer Honeysuckle=-~.

theme music -

Moonglimmer ............AC 8 [11]......HP 10
2nd Level Lost Song Wood Elf (Lawful)...........Move 50

Str 11.........Saving Throw 13
Int 12 (Bugbear, Spider + Orc, Goblin, Hobgoblin, Gnoll)
Wis 13
Dex 17 +1 to hit w/ missiles, +1 to AC
Con 13
Chr 17 Max hirelings is 6, +2 loyalty

Base attack bonus +1 (+4 w/ Rowan Longbow, +3 w/ Quickblade)
Melee weapon: Quickblade d6+1, dagger 1d6-1
Missile weapon: Rowan Longbow d6+1 (x2), dagger 1d6-1

Blessed Visionary
- cannot use armor
- Cast AUGURY 1x/day/3 levels
- Cast CURE LIGHT WOUNDS 1x/day/level

XP 13....needs 15 to gain 3rd level

Wood Elf Abilities/Restrictions:
- Leather or chain only and shield. (None allowed.)
- Preferred weapons are elven scimitar, shortbow, spear. May not use heavy two-handed weapons.
- Moonglimmer gains a +1 to hit when using an elven bow.
- Can spot secret and hidden doors 4-in-6 when searching or 2-in-6 when just passing by.
- Can speak with gnolls, goblins, orcs, and hobgoblins.
- Elves gain +1 to hit and damage when fighting goblins, orcs, intelligent undead, and lycanthropes.
-Elves are immune to paralysis caused by undead such as ghouls.
-Surprised only on 1-in-6. This applies to any group that an elf is accompanying.
- Elves gain +1 to individual initiative. When in a group, an elf will get to act before anyone else during a tie to initiative.
- Forest travel does not slow an elf down.
- While in a wooded environment, wood elves are nearly invisible (5-in-6 chance) if they remain still.
- Lost Song Elves have lost the ability to cast spells.
- Elves cannot see in the dark, but have sharper vision than many other creatures.

Naturally good at getting people to help her. Not just men, but especially men. And not in a manipulative way. People just like her.

Naturally bad at music...she loves music, but has no capacity for learning it. Tone deaf. Crackly singing voice. Almost obsessed with listening to musicians.

Equipment: Quickblade, Rowan Tree Longbow, 12 arrows, 2 quivers of bronze-tipped arrows, dagger, leather belt pouch, backpack

- Quickblade (+2 short sword, allows first strike) - made of a bronze alloy
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Re: Characters

Post by greyarea »

.~-= Fungo the Hobbit =-~.

Theme Music :

Race : Hobbit
Class : Thief outcast. -1 reaction, +1 weapon damage
Alignment :
Level : 2
Experience Points : 2/ needs 10 to gain 4th level
Hit Dice : 2
Hit Points : 9
Armor Class : AC 8 [11]
Base To Hit Bonus : +0
Thievery Roll : 2 in 6
Saving Throw : 13

STR : 11
INT : 12
WIS : 14
DEX : 17 (+1 to AC and Missiles)
CON : 7
CHA : 9

Common, Alignment, plus two additional languages
Special Abilities Due to a hobbits small size, giants, ogres, and their ilk do half damage. Hobbits gain +2 to missile attacks. Hide and move silently 5-in-6 chance. Saves vs magic are at +4.

Fungo is really good at smelling out liars, but he is really bad at games of chance.

bow (short) + 20 arrows

Gear a ball of twine
leather armor
Five (5) casks of oil

Magic Items

Wealth 83 sp



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Re: Characters

Post by connivingsumo »

Sammich Buttonchubb

Theme Music:

Race : Halfling
Class : Fighter :?
Alignment : Good
Level : 2
Experience Points : 2 (need 10 for 3rd Level)
Hit Dice : 2
Hit Points : 12
Armor Class : AC 6 [13]
Base To Hit Bonus :
Saving Throw :

STR : 13
INT : 10
WIS : 12
DEX : 15 (+1 to hit w/ missiles, -1 AC bonus)
CON : 14
CHA : 8

Common, and maybe some other local 'Hobbitish' dialect we don't yet know about.

Special Abilities
  • +2 To Hit with Missiles (race)
  • Zen Archer (universal subclass list)
  • Only receive half damage from 'Giant Types' (Ogres, Giants, Trolls, etc.)
  • Near Invisibility (1-5/d6)
  • +4 Saving Throw vs Magic
Daggers, 2
Arrows, 40 + Shortbow

Leather Armor
Flint & Steel
Hemp Rope (50') & Grappling Hook
Lantern & 2 4 pints of oil
Trail Rations, 12 days
Iron Spikes, 12
Thieves Tools + A padlock & key (for practice)
Smoking Pipe with ample supply of the Shire's pipe weed & Kettleshire smoke-leaf
Whittling knife and notching chisels
An "upgraded" mess kit for cooking

Magic Items:

Exceptionally good at: Cooking! (meat pasties!) and Armchair Boyer & Fletcher

Exceptionally bad at: Being brave, and NOT a fan of water!

81 silver coins

Hailing from the Shire's of Eyre, Kettleshire specifically, Sammich doesn't come from a family of adventurers, so he's a bit of an outcast in that regard. Farmers and Chefs make up the majority of his extended family.

Mr. Buttonchubb would rather cook his way out of a confrontation; "Win them over with good eats, I always say!" He's rather keen with a bow, and enjoys the adventuring life despite being somewhat of a coward. Though he prefers to 'plink from afar' he would sacrifice himself for deserving friends.
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Re: Characters

Post by badams30 »

Gump.jpg (22.81 KiB) Viewed 7113 times
Otis of Gyre
3rd Level Fighter (Lawful)
HP: 17
AC: AC 4 [15]
Move: 50'
Saving Throw 12
STR: 16 (+1 to hit & dmg)
INT: 7
WIS: 10
DEX: 11
CON: 13
CHR: 15
(5 hirelings, +1 loyalty)

Base attack bonus: +1 (STR); +2
Melee Weapon: SIlvered long sword, boar spear, Polearm
Missile Weapon:

XP: 2/ needs 10 to gain 4th level

Abilities/Restrictions: Free attack when an opponent drops w/in 5’; Use shield OR two weapon style
Combat fury: against foes of 1HD or less, get one attack per level each combat round.
+2 bonus on saves vs. death/poison
Berserker/Righteous Rage: 1/day, +2 att & dmg
Ambassador: +2 to reaction rolls

Naturally good at: Otis is Fleet of Foot. He loves to run - sometimes for no reason whatsoever.
Naturally bad at: Otis tends to get aggravated when people bully others or do bad things to others. (He is used to people making fun of him, so it doesn't faze him usually)

Equipment: Silvered long sword, boar spear (1d6) or (1d6+1 if used two handed), shield w/ image of Katherine and Yarrow the Dragon on it, chain mail, bronze dagger, Polearm (1d6+1, can attack from second rank)
Black travelling cloak

Treasure/Wealth: 50SP

Story: Otis is a simple but friendly farmhand from Gyre who is on his own after the untimely passing of his parents. One day he just decided to run – trying to find his place in the world.
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Re: Characters

Post by herself »

female-fighter.jpg (44.85 KiB) Viewed 5378 times

Susanna Clank

Race : Human
Class : Fighter
Sub-class: Hermit (wilderness survival, +2 to will saves, -1 to reactions)
Alignment : Lawful
Level : 2
Experience Points : 2/need 10 to gain 3rd level
Hit Dice : 2
Hit Points : 11
Armor Class : AC 3 [16]
Base To Hit Bonus : +1
Saving Throw : 13
+2 to will saves

STR : 14
INT : 4
WIS : 6
DEX : 11
CON : 13
CHA : 8

Languages: speaks alignment and common, but cannot write

Special Abilities:
Combat fury: Against foes of one hit dice (HD) or fewer, Fighters get one attack per level each combat round.
Wilderness survival

Weapons: battered mace, heavy crossbow, bronze dagger

Gear: her dad's old plate mail, backpack, bedroll, torches (6), a week of trail rations, case of 30 bolts, silk rope, flint and steel,

Magic Items : none

Exceptionally good at: remembering faces
Exceptionally bad at: telling and understanding jokes

Wealth: 68 sp

Hirelings: 0

Story: Susanna's always struggled to get along in the world, and life hasn't been especially kind to her, with her mother dying due to complications with childbirth. Susanna barely made it through those crucial early moments.

As a child she struggled to learn, but her father, a local mercenary, saw she had a talent for his trade. He taught her what he knew, hoping that it would be enough to ensure her independence in life. When he died she donned his gear and left the village where she had always been mocked. She's determined to make something of herself, in spite of everything.

(I don't have an explanation for the thing on her forehead! Maybe it can remain a mystery for now...)
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Beyond the Borderlands, Susanna Clank

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Re: Characters

Post by tumblingdice »

.~-= Bengar =-~.


Race : Dwarf
Class : Thief
Alignment : Neutral

Level : 2
Experience Points : 0.....need 10 to gain 3rd level
Hit Dice : 2
Hit Points : 14
Armor Class : AC 6 [13]

Saving Throw : 13

STR : 12
INT : 15 (+5 languages)
WIS : 7
DEX : 15 (+1 missile attack, -1 AC?)
CON : 15 (+1 HP per hit die)
CHA : 8 (max hirelings 3, loyalty -1)

Common, Neutral, gnome, goblin, orc, kobold + 5 more? Wow!

Racial abilities:
half damage from giants, ogres, and trolls

spotting traps, slanting passages, and construction while
underground (1-4 on a d6 when searching, 1-2 on a d6 if just passing by)
+4 bonus on saving throws vs. magic

Class abilities:
Thievery: 2 in 6
subclass: scout, +1 initiative, +1 hear noise

Weapons spear, dagger, crossbow w/19 bolts

Gear thieves' tools
leather armor
flint and steel
6 Torches
50' hemp rope
7 days trail rations

Magic Items none

Wealth 83 sp

Hirelings: none

really good at: holding his liquor
really bad at: telling the truth without embellishing it

I am a scout from the dwarven kingdom of Irendall. I discovered a hidden pass in the mountains and found a standing stone. I remember a brilliant flash of purple light and then I was standing in a forest. It wasn't long before the sound of a huntsman's horn arrived. I was chased by the fairies and shot with arrows. I awoke in this cage, beard singed and hungry.

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