Places Traveled to and People Met

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Places Traveled to and People Met

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Chapter 1 ~ The Journey Begins

Village of Rumpstone in the County of Derry, pop’n 100~home village of Erwin Dirtnap, Sigga Grimstone (originally from the Five Kingdoms), Roger the Shrubber, Moonglimmer (a woodelf from the north)
Ol' Mossback Mutrand~old hermit occasionally seen around Rumpstone
Jasper~one of the Sheriff’s men
Village of Shorne, pop’n 50~
The Lion and Lamb~tavern filled with bad men
Tibbs~owner of Lion and Lamb
Frick~juvenile delinquent that stole Roger’s cart and horse
Rindel~leader of gang that is recruiting drivers for trips to Granden Vale and back to Milltown, bad man, fought the PCs, believed to be heading to Deliverance
Villages passed through on way to Milltown~Hailstone, pop’n 50, Coping, wooden pallisade, Barth,pop’n 100, wooden palisade
Village of Dubbston, pop’n 200
Truman~friendly farmer, let PCs stay at his farm
(Duke Elston of County Barlow, not met, just heard of him)
Kenneth the shepherd~has wolf troubles
Garwood Forest~between three counties, Barlow, Wick, and Derry
Attercop, spider ally of Moonglimmer
Village of Cawfield, north is trail to Nye
Forest of Nye
Burl~boss at logging camp, friendly, gave directions

Chapter 2 ~ Into the Forest of Nye

Bane ~ Jubjub bird that loves Erwin
Beamish Hall
Gunnik~a guard
Lord Terrance Beamish, Lord of Nye
Aethelwine, cleric of Silvanus
Hedwig, the knight
Sir Tavish Beamish, son of Lord Terrence, hunting the Jabberwocky, searching for Sir Innes’ body (killed by Jabberwocky)
Sir Osgar, Sir Eadwald, knights of Nye
Bors, man at arms

Chapter 3 ~ The Kingdom Border

Chapter 4 ~ Back to Beamish Hall

Claudius, fey hobgoblin sentinel of the standing stone (later killed at the Welcome Party for the PCs)

Chapter 5 ~ Into the Fey Realm
Everspring, a town in the fey realm
Cicero, human, one of the town leaders, 40s, red hair, clean shaven
Oberon, king of the faeries
Titania, queen of the faeries
Torus called Homer, cheesemaker, writes notes, helped PCs, has a bad leg, uses a crutch, wears tattered robes

Shield found in Everspring...Erwin does indeed recognize this symbol. It is of an ancient king of the Dur, a long lost kingdom of humans that once lived in Eyre.
Prince Oriel, son of king and queen. Has a real hatred of the PCs
Hadrian, has same marks as Susanna (interesting side note, in the pbp I had previously called him Diogenes and Quintos!)
Lord Willow, a fey noble
Lord Whiteoak, a fey noble, sword taken by Moonglimmer

Chapter 6
The Keep of the Faerie King
Carondolet, fey hobgoblin jailor and best buddy to Fungo
Flittersong, a tiny fairy, spoke with Moonglimmer
Guyot de Fortunato, swashbuckling cat from Catalan
Katherine, a Lady in the Mirror (3x6 mirror), has some magical ability
Berlioz, black bear, friend to Guyot

Chapter 7

Chapter 8
The Ways ~ the space between worlds
The Wayside Inn
Nehim, mysterious proprietor of the Inn, friendly to the party
Odimus of Isprey, wizard with gout
Monks of Ghent, strange people, none too friendly

Chapter 9
Isprey ~ town on the sea
Sir Fynn, Lord Commander of the Fish Marches
Sir Creighton, Second in command
Sack, fisherman that helps PCs find the missing fishermen and Sea Troll

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