~Party Status~

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~Party Status~

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The current status of the adventuring party is...

Erwin AC7 [12], hp 11, calm animals as turn undead, subclasses tracker and heretic

Moonglimmer AC8 [11], hp 9/10, can cast augury 1x per day, and cure light wounds 1x per day/per level, good at getting people (men) to help her, bad at singing

Fungo AC8 [11], hp 9, subclass outcast. -1 reaction, +1 weapon damage, good at smelling out liars, bad at games of chance

AC6, hp 12, subclass zen archer (fire into melee w/o penalty), good at cooking, bad at being brave

Otis AC4 [15], hp 17 Berserker/Righteous Rage: 1/day, +2 att & dmg, Ambassador: +2 to reaction rollsgood at running, bad at enduring bullies

Susanna AC3 [16], hp 11, subclass: hermit (wilderness survival, +2 to will saves, -1 to reactions), good w/ faces, bad w/ jokes

Bengar AC8 [11], hp 7, subclass: scout, +1 initiative, +1 hear noise, good at holding liquor, bad at telling truth w/o embellishment

Attercop hp 13
Torus no longer called Homer
Guyot de Fortunato (the cat)
Berlioz (the black bear)

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