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Subclass Tables

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Appendix A ~ Subclass Tables

Cleric Subclasses
1. Paladin-can wield sharp weapons
2. Heretic-at each spell lvl replace one cleric spell with magic-user spell of same lvl
3. Elementalist-can also turn elementals as undead
4. Dragon Priest-can dominate dragons, drakes, wyverns and other associated creatures (and potentially kobolds) as an evil cleric controls undead
5. Dervish-can frenzy in battle 1/day, -2 AC, +1 to hit and damage
6. Divine Light-turn undead at +2 levels
7. Healer +1 hp per die on all healing spells
8. Priest +2 caster lvls, cannot wear armor, can only wield clubs, staves and daggers
9. Penitent d8 instead of d6 hit dice
10. Zealot +1 to hit and damage to opposite alignment

Dwarf Subclasses
1. Hammer-Brother – hammer stuns foe one round on critical hit.
2. Troll-Hunter – +1 to hit/damage vs ogres and trolls
3. Phalanx – -1 AC from shields
4. ShieldBreaker – Ignore up to 3 points of enemy AC from armour or shields.
5. Deep Sentinel – Double infravision range
6. Tunnel Shooter – +1 to hit/dmg with crossbows, can wield a crossbow in melee
7. Iron-Born – d8 hit die (instead of d6)
8. Rune Binder – Cast 1 cleric spell per day, max spell level = 1/2 class level
9. Rune-Bound – Additional +1 on all saves
10. Battle Rager +2 to hit/dmg the first round of melee, -1 penalty to AC at all times

Elven Subclasses
1. Guardian-can track in the wilderness
2. Eagle-Eye +2 to hit with bows
3. Woodland Ghost +1 to hide/move silently in the wilderness
4. Arcane Mercenary +1 to hit and damage with swords
5. ManHunter +1 to hit and damage against humans and orcs
6. Blessed Visionary-cannot wear armor, Augury 1/day per 3 lvls, cure light wounds 1/day per lvl
7. Dragon Knight +1 to hit, damage and -1 AC while mounted
8. Arcane Archer 1/day/level can cast a spell on an arrow and shoot the arrow the next round, spell effect centers on the arrow when it hits the target or is lost if the arrow misses the target.
9. Eldritch Swordsman-as an arcane archer, but uses a sword
10. Elven Nobility +1 reaction roll bonus

Fighter Subclasses
1. Hunter-can track in the wilderness
2. Swashbuckler -1 AC in chain or lighter armor
3. Hulk +2 melee damage, -1 initiative
4. Berserker-can frenzy in battle 1/day, +2 to hit and damage
5. Archer +1 to hit and damage with bows
6. Militia +1 to hit and damage with crossbows and polearms
7. Marine -1 AC in leather armor, +1 to hit/dmg with club and cutlass
8. Horseman +1 to hit and damage from horseback, good judge of horseflesh (roll twice for mount’s hit points, taking best result)
9. Pit Fighter-can treat off-hand weapon as a shield
10. Sentinel -1 chance to be surprised

Hobbit Subclasses
1. Burglar-pick locks as a thief
2. Featherweight-climb walls like a thief, take half dmg from falls
3. TallFellow-wield larger one-handed weapons like long swords
4. Underfoot -4 AC vs large opponents
5. Traveller +1 hear noise, +25% overland travel than normal
6. Brewmaster-make a copy of potions at ½ the normal cost and time
7. HoleWarden -1 chance to be surprised
8. Barbarian +2 melee damage, can wear leather armor or less
9. Stalwart +2 on saves versus fear and mind control, grants 1 companion the same bonus (companion chosen once per day and remains in effect for the rest of the day)
10. Outrider +1 to hit and damage from horseback, good judge of horseflesh (roll mount hit points twice, take the better)

Human Subclasses
1. Merchant-appraise loot, skilled at haggling
2. Bard-musical talent, +1 to reactions, Thievery skill to know lore
3. Courtier-gathering info, courtly manners, +2 reactions (nobles)
4. Courtesan-skilled in seduction, gathering info, +1 charisma
5. Farmer-identify plants, animal handling, weather forecasting
6. Shepherd-animal handling (including dogs), only surprised on a 1
7. Sailor-weather eye, rope skills, sailing ships
8. Navigator-direction sense, map skills, increased overland travel
9. Gravedigger--turn undead as cleric of 1/2 level, +4 to save vs undead affects (ghoul touch, vampiric charm)
10. Scribe-(Int 10+ required) +1 language, lore skill (as Bard), read scrolls (including magic) as Thievery skill, +2 reactions (bureaucrats)

Magic-user Subclasses
1. Warlock-magic blast at will, 60’ range, 1d3 damage
2. Sensitive-detect magic by touch
3. Savant-identify magic items, takes 1 hour, costs 100 sp
4. Scribe-can copy scroll for 1/2 the normal cost and time
5. Alchemist-make copy of a potion for ½ the normal cost and time
6. Seer-cast Augury 1/day per 3 levels
7. Witch Hunter +2 on saves versus spells
8. Two Fisted Sorcerer-can cast two spells in one round 1x per day
9. God Touched-at each spell level replace one magic user spell with a cleric spell.
10. Guardmage-can wear leather armor

Thief Subclasses
1. Bounty Hunter +1 to hit and damage against his own race
2. Dungeoneer +1 to detect traps (using Thievery Skills d6)
3. Butcher-increase backstab by +1d6
4. Scout +1 initiative, +1 hear noise
5. Fence +2 on reaction rolls to buy and sell goods
6. Guild Thief +1 to open locks/pick pockets (using Thievery Skills d6)
7. Thug d8 instead of d6 hit dice
8. Knife Artist +1 to hit and damage with daggers
9. Outcast -1 on reaction checks, +1 weapon damage
10. Arcanist-cast spells as magic user of ⅓ level, cannot wear armor

Universal Table
1. Herbalist-+1 to binding of wounds and +4 to poison saves, natural healing rates are doubled for any person under the herbalist's care
2. Tracker-can track in the wilderness
3. Iron Will-advantage to all will based saves
4. Bard-musical talent, +1 to reactions, Thievery skill to know lore
5. Combat skill with one weapon type (+1 to hit and damage)
6. Wrestler ~ +2 to hit and save when grappling
7. Hermit-wilderness survival, +2 to will saves, -1 to reactions
8. Zen Archer-can fire into melee without hitting an ally
9. Ambassador +1 to reactions and Chr +1
10. Heirloom weapon +1 to hit, re-roll one attack per day

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