Dan's made a statement

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Dan's made a statement

Post by JimboJimbo »

And it's pretty flippin' ripper!


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Re: Dan's made a statement

Post by badams30 »

Interested to see what a second edition will be about. Good for Dan, he's a heck of a guy.

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Re: Dan's made a statement

Post by merias »

I think he must have been feeling pressure from OSE, looks like he is aiming to be more faithful to B/X.

Also, from what I saw of Dan's FB post which was posted on reddit, he almost closed shop completely, but did enough work on a rewrite where it is mostly done. I just hope he gets help with editing...would be nice to finally have updated versions of core LL and AEC with the long-existing errata addressed.

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Re: Dan's made a statement

Post by rredmond »

Gave himself a deadline and it seemed to perk him up. Good news! Dig LL and MF and the little bits I've read of S&S.
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Re: Dan's made a statement

Post by kipper »

Here is the content of the FB post (according to a poster on ODD74, I'm not on FB myself to confirm it directly):
When I suspended Goblinoid Games' social media presence two months ago, it was because I gave myself an ultimatum.

I would write a substantial, totally new product by the first of the year and be well on my way to editing a new edition of Labyrinth Lord. If I didn't succeed in these challenges, I had decided I would close up shop for good. I am near completion of a new solo adventure, currently sitting at around 24,000 words.

In retrospect, maybe I shouldn't have been so hard on myself. I've suffered from moderate to severe anxiety for about the last seven years, amplified by a series of large life changes. The kind of life changes you check the boxes for on a form to determine how much stress you have in your life. At any given time during those years I would probably have three or four big ones happening at once. As a result, all of my hobbies essentially came to a halt. It was hard enough to get by day-to-day, much less write creative content and keep up with the demands of my publishing business. Some of you know I'm a professor, and just performing those duties was challenging enough. And of course Covid.But I'm happy to say that at this point I'm in a much better place than I've been in years. I've come to terms with many things in my life, and I'm finally in a position to pick up where I left off. I know the industry has changed, and I know many of my supporters have been disappointed with my lack of support for my game lines, Labyrinth Lord especially. I've also let down my publishing partners. But I'm here to tell you today that all of that is coming to an end.

I'm still a one-person, Indy publisher, but in addition to my own efforts I'll be be reaching out to others for partnerships moving forward. I'm very excited for what the future holds, and I hope some of you will join me on this new journey.

To read a little bit more about what I have in mind, please visit my website. It's still under construction but I have some information there about what's next for Labyrinth Lord.

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Re: Dan's made a statement

Post by Yajin »

Following developments on FB. Watching with interest, really like b/x.

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