Player Characters

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Player Characters

Post by mythictom »

Post final character sheets here.

Here's a template!


Experince points:
Vital stats: age, height, weight, hair color, eye color, skin color


Hit Dice:
Hit Points:
Saving throw: # (modifiers)
Armor Class: # (armor, modifiers)





Special abilities:

Character blurb:

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Re: Player Characters

Post by jcftao »


Name: Miles
Sex/Race/Class/Level: Male/human/fighter/1st level
Experince points: 0 (needs 2000)
Alignment: Neutral
Vital stats: 21 years old, 6', 175 lbs, brown hair, blue eyes, fair complexion

STR 10
INT 11
WIS 11
CON 10

Hit Dice: 1+1
Hit Points: 7
Saving throw: 14 (+2 vs. Death, Poison)
Armor Class: 14 (Chainmail, helmet)

Longbow (+1, d6, 70'/140'/210', RoF: 2)
LongSword (+0, d6)
Dagger (+0, d6-1, Thrown: 10'/20'/30', RoF: 2)

Coins: 11gp, 7cp

Equipment: battered, but serviceable sword, 2 extra bowstrings, a quiver of 20 arrows, a shiny new dagger, and a heavily patched but usable suit of chainmail, a small belt pouch for his coins, a backpack for supplies (used during his service), a waterskin, and a set of simple commoners clothes.
1 wk of standard rations (7gp), tinderbox (5gp), crowbar (5gp), bedroll (2gp), 50' of strong cord (2gp?), 3 flasks of oil (6gp), helmet (10gp), 6 torches (1gp), hammer (2gp), 12 wooden stakes (1gp), 3 iron spikes (3cp), mirror, sm. steel (5gp), large sack (2gp)

- Phylactery of Favor (bears symbol of a sword) - worn on the sword arm, the item allows Miles to temporarily swap his Favored Weapon to any specific sword type for the duration of 1 battle per day

Languages: Common, Dwarvish

Special abilities: Favored weapon is the longbow (+1 to hit)
Combat Fury: 1 attack per level vs. weak enemies

Character blurb: Miles comes from a small village to the north near the Stonewall Mountains where his father taught him to hunt and shoot a bow. He's recently mustered out of the army with very little coin, most of which he lost playing dice at some seedy tavern. Miles needs a job, any job. There is nothing left at home for him now.

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Re: Player Characters

Post by badams30 »

Name: Alphonse
Sex/Race/Class/Level: Male Human Magic User Lv.1
Experince points:
Luck Points: 3
Alignment: N
Vital stats: 20 years old, 6ft tall, 160lbs, brown hair, green eyes, fair skinned

STR: 8
INT: 15
WIS: 9
DEX: 10
CON: 12
CHR: 13
WEALTH: 7 (starting gold 70gp)

Hit Dice: d6
Hit Points: 6
Saving throw: 15 (+2 vs. Spells, Wands, Staves)
Armor Class: 10 (no armor)

Quarterstaff (+0, d6, 2-handed)
Dagger (+0, d6-1, Thrown: 10'/20'/30', RoF: 2)

Equipment: Black robes, billowy black cloak, sm belt pouch, commoners clothing, backpack, waterskin, quill+ink, five sheets of parchment, waterproof scroll tube. Spellbook (11 spells, 89 blank pages).

Special Equipment: Hooded lantern w/ continual light cast inside it
Unfinished manuscript(once per day consulting the book acts like Contact Other Plane, for one question per MU level, as if asking 1 plane away for guidance; the question need not be a yes/no question.)
Scroll w/sleep

Magic Talents: Figment, Spark, Animate Tool

1st:Charm Person, Detect Magic, Hold Portal, Light, Protection from Chaos, Read Languages, Read Magic, Sleep, Dancing Lights, Enlargement, Ventriliquism.

Languages: Dwarf, elf, Goblin, Orc, Fhtagn

Special abilities:
Enchantment - create magic items
- 1: Scrolls, 3: Potions, 5: Lesser Wands, 7: Lesser Rings, 9: Major Items
- @1: Create Scrolls (100gp/spell level; 1 week per spell level)

Character blurb:
Alphonse was born and raised in Mirabilis, the son of a struggling brewer and the middle child of 7 siblings. Studious from the start, Alphonse had no interest in brewing or any other trade, for that matter, so his father arranged a live-in apprenticeship to a local wizard/sage named Merrick. Seeing some potential in his new apprentice, he trained Alphonse in the magical arts, where he found his calling.
With the unexpected passing of Merrick, and no suitable way to earn some coin, Alphonse made the tough decision to try his hand at adventuring - surely fortune would shine on him and he'd be showered in gold and glory.

Alphonse is young, naive, and has NEVER left the urban locale of his birth. He's very smart, gets along well with others, and he is confident in his fledgling abilities. He is always interested in learning things and is easily distracted by tidbits of information or curiosities. At the present time, he doesn't know what he's going to do, or where to start. He has no friends aside from some local merchants, and he's a bit nervous going out in the world by himself. Not knowing how a brave adventuring wizard is supposed to behave or act, he has purchased some dark robes and a cloak, and with his trusty staff, he does his best to try and act mysterious and mystical (or at least how he thinks a wizard would act) although when he gets excited, he has tendency to act more like his normal, curious, naive self. He has been looking for some companions and adventure, and not having much success, he's become a little depressed.

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Re: Player Characters

Post by connivingsumo »

Roikos Therapeftís

Name: Roikos

Summary: M / Human / Cleric / 1

Experince points: -0- (+10%)

Alignment: Lawful (Good)

Build: 33, 6'2", 298lbs, Blond, Brown Eyes, Caucasian

STR: 13
INT: 8
WIS: 16 (+10%XP, + 1 Spell Effectiveness: penalty to saving throw, bonus to Cure spells, or bonus to number of targets affected by Hold spells)
DEX: 7
CON: 15 (+1hp)
CHA: 10

Hit Dice: 1

Hit Points: 7

Saving throw: 15 (+2 vs Poison & Paralysis)

Armor Class: 15 (Chainmail+Shield)

Weapons: Flail (+0, d6), Sling +40 stones

- Red Badge of the Wheel (Protection from Chaos, 1 turn/day)
- Set of peasants clothes
- Small belt pouch (6 gp)
- Backpack
- Bedroll
- Flint & Steel
- Rope (Hemp) 50' & Grappling Hook
- Wooden holy symbol (blue-stained maple teardrop infinity symbol)
- Rations, dried, 4 days
- Waterskin
- Sacks, 30lb, x2
- Healer's bag with bandages
- Torches, 6
- Vial of Holy water
- A gift from his favorite uncle, a Cleric of the Holy Saint, amulet: Red Badge of the Wheel (see special abilities).

Religion: -- Queen of Heaven, Mishakal the Lawful (Good) Goddess of Healing, Knowledge, and Life
- Symbol: Blue Infinity

Languages: Common

Special abilities:
- Light once per day.
- Cure Light Wounds once per day.
- Turn Undead.
- Amulet Protection, as if under a Protection from Chaos spell for 1 turn once per day.

Character blurb: Roikos recently immigrated from the decaying empire of his ancestry, Byzantia, to travel and serve the will of Mishakal. Poor, the Cleric only has a few coins and his equipment, but he is grateful to serve hospitals, schools, orphanages, and anyone else requesting his aid. The Holy Wanderer has recently come to Kell, specifically the Portside District.
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Re: Player Characters

Post by Marc_the_Demonslayer »


Name: Jahan
Sex/Race/Class/Level: Male/Human/Thief/Level 1
Experince points: 0
Alignment: Neutral
Vital stats: 20, 5'10", 150, dark brown hair, brown eyes, light tan skin

STR: 8
INT: 11
WIS 10
DEX 12
CON 11

WEALTH 4 (Starting gold 40gp)

Current gold 12gp

Hit Dice: 1
Hit Points: 6
Saving throw: 14 (+2 vs traps)
Armor Class: 12 (leather jerkin), 13 (jerkin, main-gauche)

- Dagger (+0, d6-1, rof:2, 10'/20'/30')
- Dagger (+0, d6-1, rof:2, 10'/20'/30')
- Elfin Main-gauche (-2, d6-1, cannot be thrown, +1 to melee AC )
- Crossbow, light (+0, d6-1, rof:1, 60/120'/180')

- Backpack, waterskin
- Peasant's clothes
- Small money pouch
- Bolts (30)
- Rations, trail (5)
- Thieves' Tools


Special abilities:
- Backstab
- Dodge personal attack
- Evade area attack
- Thievery (1-2/d6)
- Luck: 3

Character blurb: Orphaned at young age, Jahan grew up in a less than desirable neighborhood of the Portside district. Though provided for as best as possible by various relatives, he nevertheless learned the ways of the streets and fell in with criminal elements of the Old City whenever times became tough, though never losing his good-natured basic decency. Hearing stories of adventure from frequenting the local taverns, the thought occurred to him - why burden myself with the guilt of stealing from the living rich when I can plunder the tombs of the dead?
"Chaos has plagued the world with Demons and monsters, but Law has written itself on the hearts and minds of Men."

-Mailk the Wise

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