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House rules

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12/29/22 update: We will now use Labyrinth Lord rules instead. You can download a complimentary, no-art version of the rules right here on these forums, or purchase a full art copy, either in pdf or print, at

Ability scores: 3d6, arrange as desired. Because you can move scores around, no lowering scores by 2 to raise your prime requisite by 1. Please note that demi-humans have certain minimum requirements. If you get a "hopeless character," then we'll chat.

Hit points: Maximum at 1st level, plus constitution modifiers. Roll normally from second level onward.

Starting gold: 3d8 x 10

Starting Magic-User/Elf spells: The DM will assign 4 spells (including Read Magic).

Encumbrance & movement: To be revised. Please see the rules and example on page B20 of the basic rulebook. Note that all your normal gear (misc. equipment and provisions) has an encumbrance of only 80 cn. Assume that your backpack will hold just enough treasure to keep you from dropping to the next lower movement rate. For example, Morgan Ironwolf's total encumbrance is 670 cn. She moves 60'/turn (20'/round), as does anyone carrying between 601 and 800 coins. She can carry an additional 130 coins (800 minus 670) in her backpack and still move 60'/turn. If she picks up any more treasure, then a) she'll have to use an additional small or large sack to carry it, because her backpack is full, and b) her movement rate drops to 30'/turn (10'/round). During combat, or if running away, your character is free to drop any small or large sacks s/he is carrying, in order to move faster.

Group initiative: Combat follows normal order of movement, missiles, magic and melee. Within each category, character with highest DEX goes first, down to character with lowest DEX.

Critical hits and failures: A natural 20 always hits, and may include such benefits as maximum damage, double damage, a second attack roll, knocking the enemy prone or off a cliff, etc. The creature must be able to be hit with the weapon, of course. A natural 20 is no good against a werewolf, for example, if the weapon isn't silver or magical. A natural 1 always misses, and may include such penalties as dropping your weapon, losing your balance, hitting an unintended target, breaking an arrow, etc.

Wounds and healing: 0 HP = death. That's old-school D&D for you. 1 day of complete rest heals 1-3 HP.

Retrieval of missile weapons: Suppose you fired 6 arrows during combat. Roll 1d6. That's how many arrows you can retrieve. Missiles that drop over cliffs, land in deep water, are buried within the flesh of retreating monsters, or are damaged beyond use due to a critical miss (or hit), etc., are not eligible to be retrieved.

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Re: House rules

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Missile fire into melee: Allowed if physically possible, at a -4 penalty. However, on a natural 1 you hit a random ally. This rule exists because Kevin.

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