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Maps and handouts

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Horace's map. Note the letter Q in the hills near Tenney Hollow. Not all features are shown on this map, but what's here should be enough to get us started.


Yarrik is a thinly disguised York, England, a city I spent a semester in back in college. Its occupation at different times by both the Romans and Vikings lends all kinds of possibilities in terms of adventures, cultures, legends, etc. While there are parts of England that I think would make for great adventures, you need a boat if you want to go any place exotic. So I moved everything across the Channel, I mean the Grey Sea, and stuck it in France! In France, you can cross the Pyrenees into Spain (or whatever I end up renaming them), invade (or surrender to) Germany, aka Our Neighbors to the East, or explore the remnants of the ancient world not too far to the south. I don't intend to adhere slavishly to the real world, but a little inspiration here and there will prove useful. I think. :D

And yes, I realize that France and England have a long, antagonistic history with each other. True medievalists, or any decent historian, would have me drawn and quartered, or at least pilloried, for suggesting the two are even remotely interchangeable. But in making my decision, I asked myself the following questions. 1) Did both countries have armored knights and castles and stuff? Yes! 2) Do both have the imprints of multiple civilizations upon them? Yes! 3) Do both have forbidding forests and treacherous mountains to adventure in? Yes! Okay, then. Let's do it!

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