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Rumors, Leads, Information

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Eric, the town Reeve of Brandonsford has offered the party 1000GP to rid the town and area of the pesky dragon. He thinks the witch is at fault.

George the huntsman (lost his arm and sole survivor of dragon attack that claimed all his friends) says dragon was unharmed by their weapons except it seemed that it was injured when his colleague struck it in the mouth. Suggested party visit the smith, alchemist and priest to learn more.

The witch lives about a mile outside of town to the east, hasn't been seen in years.

Warrick the smithy needs metal from the 7 dwarven brothers (the Ironpicks) that live near the mountain. He'll give a silver dagger and a sack of 200 silver coins (plus a nice broach for El Ray) if you can bring him some metal and check on the dwarves. Warwick is also being haunted by a phantom/fairy at night, it keeps leaving strange things and flowers at his door. He's quite superstitious and scared and makes no bones about it.

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