S&W White Box History?

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Re: S&W White Box History?

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:lol: Sorry, wasn't questioning your decision (the name is fine either way, IMHO), I was genuinely just curious.

I love the WB artifact. It's perfect. :ugeek: 8-)
- Fox

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Re: S&W White Box History?

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No worries. Since this is a one person show, I like getting all kinds of feedback. It helps me think of things I may not have by myself
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Re: S&W White Box History?

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My girlfriend has experienced all of my tiny portion of this stuff since 2010 despite her not having a stake in gaming at all. She thinks all of this stuff is funny. She's laughing at us and with us and, even being an 'outsider' thinks what Charlie is doing is awesome and feels for him during this confusing era. I guess the only solid bit of connection was her witnessing me pouring over one edition of S&W:WB and the OD&D 3LBBs and hand-writing pages of notes (in this day and age?!? Yes!) for months when I did proof-reading and providing suggestions for the then forthcoming and short-lived BHP third print of WB.
She was impressed with the copies of WB:FMAG I've received as compared to the ol' WB. I can't help but find that interesting and informative in some such way.

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