Holmes-like S&W Core

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Holmes-like S&W Core

Post by merias »

I posted some ideas on a more Holmes-like S&W at the blog, using Core as a base.

https://smolderingwizard.com/2016/11/27 ... -wizardry/

Basically, here are the takeaways:
  • Remove the strength bonuses table entirely
  • Allow the Holmes point swaps for prime-requisite ability scores
  • Have players note equipment location on their character sheet
  • Fighters do not get multiple attacks on 1HD foes
  • Clerics do not get a bonus spell for high wisdom
  • M-Us can use daggers only
  • Scroll creation rules for M-Us – one week/100gp per level of spell
  • Add the additional Holmes spells noted above to the M-U and Cleric spell lists
  • Use descending AC
  • Use the optional five categories of saving throws
  • No ring mail
  • Bows fire once per round
  • Thrown oil that hits a foe and is subsequently set alight does 1d8 damage for two rounds
  • A weapon will be broken and no damage taken if that weapon is used to parry and the to-hit toll is exactly what was needed
  • Use the “Blue book method” of combat from the S&W Core rules
I think the net effect is a more deadly game, although PCs get a slight bump from scroll and oil rules, if they use them to their advantage.

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Re: Holmes-like S&W Core

Post by foxroe »

Very cool! It would also work with Whitebox if you also add the Thief and switch to polyhedral HD. Heck, considering that Holmes mentions other classes that never existed, you could use Complete as well.
- Fox

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