New PbP starting up on Unseen Servant

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New PbP starting up on Unseen Servant

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Just wanted folks here to know about he S&W Core Play-by-Post starting up. Click on the link below for the thread on the Unseen Servant Forums. If you aren't already a member there, your first two posts need Moderator approval, but otherwise you can read the thread (and check out the rest of the forums) as much as you like. Be well!
Subject: [Recruiting] In Dank Darkness Below [Swords & Wizardry Core]
Golem wrote:The adventure starts in the ‘Known World’ of Mystara, specifically within the city of Specularium, seat of the Grand Duchy of Karameikos. Little did the new Thyatian overlords know that the city itself was built upon ancient and forgotten ruins. Lately things have begun to happen at night; strange murders and people disappearing from the streets and their homes. The players become involved in one such escapade that captures the attention of the man assigned by the Grand Duke to look into the dark depths beneath the city.


I am looking for 4-6 players to partake in a series of urban and subterranean adventures. We’ll be using Swords & Wizardry Core rules (which is available for free online as a PDF) with some house rules. This will be a humanocentric group, meaning all characters will be human. I may ease up on this restriction later in the game, but for now its just humans to begin with although you will need to pick between being a Traladaran or a Thyatian. If you wish your character to be from one of cultures not mentioned here, I will allow it as long as it does not confer any special abilities. Available classes are the usual Fighter, MU and Cleric. The optional Thief is allowed as well. Characters will begin at 1st level. Stats will be 3d6 rearranged to suit and Hit Points are maxed at 1st level only.

Please note for all of you who are familiar with the Known World that the lore is not set in stone. I am borrowing, cutting, stripping, adding and gluing things here and there from a variety of sources to fit the scope of my ideas.

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